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Evolution of Boom Boom in Mario Games (1988-2019)

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This video shows off the Evolution of Boom Boom in Mario games!

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00:00 – Super Mario Bros. 3 (GBA Version Shown)
00:26 – Super Mario 3D Land
03:38 – New Super Mario Bros. U
07:13 – New Super Luigi U
10:45 – Super Mario 3D World
12:49 – Puzzles & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
14:31 – Mario Sports SuperStars
14:49 – Super Mario Party
15:40 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
15:56 – Mario Tennis Aces (DLC)


  1. i never but I had by pompom and bowser

  2. Boom boom is so easy to defeat. Same as just drinking water. LOL

  3. Why only in 2D Mario games that Boom Boom have spikes on his shell? (Except Mario Sports Superstars and Mario Tennis Aces)

  4. Fighting him is easy but for 8yr old me was like fighting Bowser

  5. jctotboi2021 Studios is ready for halloween!! says:

    At the beginning you forgot to mention that it was also on the SNES in 1993

  6. I really wish you would stop using the SNES remake as the first part of the video because it doesn't count. You got to use the original one

  7. Yogbt6r6 rh bfwg£gad4 t5rt trtrtrtibeqgxc79fffhs(gddggjn

    hurts For

  8. Me gusta este video tuyo si a si así es tu persona 👆☝

  9. What happened to boom boom being in super mario run?

  10. I like how Boom Boom is just shown absolutely no mercy in this video

  11. Who else clicked on the video because of SMR

  12. Flying Boom Boom just looks so wrong and cursed.

  13. What about Super Mario Run and Mario Maker 1 and 2?

  14. Purple sus so purple amogOS…. No blacc susඩ says:

    Mad lad

  15. The big lug's come a long way, hasn't he.

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