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Every 3D Mario Game RANKED: Ranking All The 3D Mario Games

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In this video, I will be ranking every 3D Mario game from my least favorite to favorite Can’t say worst to best cause all of them are good!

Intro is Avicii Levels- Super Mario World Remix. Loved that song back in the day and they even played it on the radio!


  1. Dude, mad respect for putting super Mario 64 so low

  2. My Version ( Downed to 6)
    1.) Super Mario 3D World
    2.) Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3.) Super Mario Sunshine
    4.) Super Mario 64
    5.) Super Mario Galaxy
    6.) Super Mario 64 DS

  3. “And this will be the only time wario is playable’’ cough cough wario world cough cough

  4. Finally someone who doesn’t put Mario 64 top 3

  5. After playing 3d all stars, sunshine is dethroning odyssey as my favorite 3d mario. It is extremely creative and fun

  6. 8: Super Mario 64 DS
    7: Super Mario 3D Land
    6: Super Mario 3D World
    5: Super Mario Sunshine
    4: Super Mario Galaxy
    3: Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2: Super Mario 64
    1: Super Mario Odyssey

  7. I found a mistake in your video. You said that there are 1 to 6 stars in galaxys in galaxy 1. But there are actually 1 to 7 stars. Example Battlerock Galaxy:
    1) Battlerock Barrage
    2) Breaking into the Battlerock
    3) Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe
    4) Battlerock's Garbage Dump
    5) Topmaniac's Daredevil Run
    6) Purple Coins on the Battlerock
    7) Luigi under the Saucer
    This is only a example. There are i thinke 3 or 4 galaxys with 7 stars in it

  8. My issue is with mario odyssey. Yeah it's a good game, but like it's not my favorite by any means

  9. 8 me too.
    7 .—. Why.
    6 more why.
    5 understand but why.
    4 yeah This is a great game but not greater like 64 and ds and sunshine Galaxy Series and odyssey.
    3 i understand.
    2 i also understand.
    1 i like it to great game

    The list is fine but i understand This i your list not mine

  10. "I like toy time galaxy"

    all super mario galaxy players would like to know your location

  11. my list
    1-Super Mario Sunshine
    2-Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
    3.Super Mario Oddysey
    4.Super Mario 3D World
    5.Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS
    6.Super Mario 3D Land

  12. In the beginning, I thought we had the same ranking 😂. My list is:
    1. Super Mario Odyssey
    2.Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Super Mario 3D World
    4. Super Mario Galaxy
    5.Super Mario Galaxy 2
    6. Super Mario 64 ds
    7. Super Mario 64
    8. Super Mario 3D Land

  13. I dont like super mario 64 because of the graphics

  14. My list:
    2. Galaxy
    3. Galaxy 2
    4. 3d world
    5. Sunshine
    6. 64 ds
    7. 64
    8. 3d land

  15. 3d world if my fav bc the only other one ive played is like a few seconds of sm64 on an emulator

  16. Here is my list of all 3-D Mario Games.

    1. Odyssey
    2. Galaxy
    3. Galaxy2
    4. 3-D World
    5. Sunshine
    6. Super Mario 64
    7. Super Mario 64 Ds
    8. 3-D Land

  17. my ranking ( I haven't played mario 64 DS so there will not be this one)

    7. Super Mario 3D land
    6. Super Mario 3D World
    5. Super Mario 64
    4. Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    2. Super Mario Galaxy
    1. Super Mario Odysse

  18. Odyssey is consistently overated ….the over abundance of moons where each counts the same just makes each feel meaningless.

  19. My opinion always changes but here is my current list:

    9. 3d land – not bad but lacks creativity and is a bit forgettable.

    8. 64 ds – a solid remake with some great changes but the controls aren't the best.

    7. 64 – love this game but unfortunately has aged poorly in some areas especially that camera.

    6. Sunshine – great game, very underrated love the atmosphere, moveset and fludd but suffers from padding, some questionable levels and linear mission structure leading to many roadblocks.

    5. Bowser's Fury – an amazing little game that deserves its own spot. Love the interconnected world, fury bowser cycle and giant fights. Wish it were a bit longer but hope it's the future of 3d Mario.

    4. 3d world – a huge improvement over 3d land, creative and brilliant level design, lots of content, awesome power ups, co-op multiplayer and character abilities. Very underappreciated.

    3. Galaxy 2 – a brilliant sequel with equally brilliant level designs and packed with creative ideas. Not a fan of the overworld map and dull story compared to the first game though.

    2. Odyssey – pretty much tied for number 1, perfectly refined open world 3d Mario, best moveset yet, near perfect controls, amazing capture ability and lots to do. Could easily swap for number 1. Only downside is some filler moons.

    1. Galaxy – a pure masterpiece in almost every way. Brilliant level design, very creative, great story, epic cutscenes, fun power ups, brilliant sound track. Has aged incredibly well too.

    In all honesty 3d world and Bowser's fury are virtually interchangeable for me as well. And pretty think all the 3d games are great and hope future games continue to deliver.

  20. Here’s my ranking (with bowsers fury since it’s out now)
    Haven’t played:
    SM64 DS
    3D land
    1) Super Mario Galaxy
    Ok, Listen I know it’s the norm to pick this but most of the people show don’t like it probably haven’t played it and if you haven’t, please pick up a copy of 3D all stars before it goes, but seriously, Tons of Large Galaxies to explore, an amazing storyline that’s actually good and the best title screen in history, decent graphics (and this game came out 13 years ago!!), the introduction to Rosalina, just an intriguing game that now on switch (Until March 31st), I can play it anywhere
    2) Super Mario Odyssey
    One of the best of all time, the worlds are more sparse and small then galaxy’s, but it makes up for that a lot with its amazing move set, probably the best game for speedrunning it and it has better replay value then galaxy, however I found this one a little, bland to play at times. Galaxy’s just fun all the time and it has an awful backstory, the moons felt like a bad reward especially now that 1-Ups have been completely removed from it 75% of them could’ve been 1-ups if they actually had them. it’s good.. but it’s not galaxy
    3) Super Mario 3D World
    I was debating 3dw or Bowsers fury but this is just a full game, while you don’t have the freedom that bowsers fury has it’s still a blast to play, just galaxy it’s port to switch worked Amazing and changed a lot, it felt like a new game then a port )ok maybe not) it’s not fun at times infuriating actually but it’s still a fun little game to have
    4) Bowser’s Fury
    If we have a full game with this idea, it would have to be my favourite I love this game, I love how the storyline doesn’t actually involve peach this time, and how bowser just wants to straight up kill Mario, reminds me of bowsers final smash in smash bros Ultimate. I love bowser junior helping Mario it’s amazing it’s such a good game but falls behind just because how small it is, I want to see a full open world 3D Mario game so bad
    5) Super Mario Sunshine
    The Idea of a Super Soaker never grew on me idk why, it’s fun sure but feels boring to me at times, it’s my least played Mario game I should probably play it more
    6) Super Mario 64
    Listen I love this game for 1997 it was revolutionary, but it controls awfully today, and 64 Mario suit In odyssey is my favourite the game itself is awful, I swear if we get a new super Mario 64 for switch, then I’m happy, but for now Time has really taken its toll

  21. Going into this I knew Mario odyssey would be #1 because no one for some reason seems to have a different opinion

  22. I only disagree with the fact that 64 is so low ranked but that is because I am blinded by nostalgia

  23. My list:

    Sm3d land < Sm64 < Sm galaxy < Sm3d world < Sm sunshine < Sm odyssey (I haven’t played galaxy 2 so I didn’t include it)

  24. My favorite would be Galaxy 2 lol thats my #1 pick!

  25. Just picked up Mario odyssey earlier today, instantly my favourite 3D platformer

  26. Know we have 3d all stars and bowser's fury. Now

  27. (Don’t kill me)
    7 = Super Mario 64 – It’s a classic, the music is amazing and I like the variety of worlds and missions we can visit but it hasn’t aged well. The camera is shit, the controls are ok and the level design just pales to the other 3D Mario Games. Still a good game and I respect it the most but that doesn’t mean it’s a masterpiece

    6 = Super Mario 3D Land – Great music, amazing Bowser battles and there’s lots of cool gimmicks and each level feels varied and it can get pretty challenging. It’s really easy however, it’s lame Pom Pom and Boom Boom are the only monsters but this is a great game

    5 = Super Mario 3D World – 3D Land but better. Better music, better graphics, better power ups, better level design. Just better in every way

    4 = Super Mario Sunshine – Lovely music and I love how challenging and difficult this game is and even though each level is vacation themed, the levels still feel varied and unique and creative. However, this game is annoyingly difficult in which yoi have to do everything on your own with little to no help which is why a lot of levels are difficult when they really should not be

    3 = Super Mario Galaxy – Now we’re getting to the masterpieces. Easily has the best soundtrack in the Mario games, beautiful visuals, the best boss fights, brilliant level design and a beautiful and emotional atmopshere that really feels like you’re in space. Unfortunately, there’s some really forgettable galaxies here with a good number of them just being one off stars (also, Snow Cap Galaxy is the worst level in any 3D mario game)

    2 = Super Mario Galaxy 2 – While it lacks the atmosphere and story of Galaxy 1, it’s still filled with phenomenal music, amazing boss battles, you can play as Yoshi, it’s more difficult and each galaxy is truly memorable with some truly creative concepts. Not a single one is bad (other than Battle Belt maybe)

    1 = Super Mario Odyssey – This is the perfect 3D Mario game. We finally get a truly open world game where we can do what whatever we want. There’s no limits so there’s so much to do and explore. Each kingdom is so large and varied and I love talking to locals, buying souvenirs, the boss battles are magnificent and it truly feels like a love letter to Mario fans

  28. My ranking would be 3d land 8th 3d world 7th mario 64 6th mario 64ds 5th mario galaxy 2 4th mario galaxy 3rd mario sunshine 2nd and 1st odyessy

  29. Finally someone agrees with me about sunshine better than 64

  30. Number 9 Mario sunshine Number 8Mario galaxy Number 7Mario 64 Number 6 Mario 3D world bowsers fury Number 5 Mario odyssey Number 4 Mario 64 Ds Number 3 Mario galaxy 2 Number 2 Mario 3D world Number 1 Mario 3D land because it’s my first every video game and it’s music is so magical and nostalgia

  31. This is how I rank the 3D Mario games for the exception of 3D Land and World and Galaxy 2

    4. Super Mario Sunshine
    3. Super Mario 64
    2. Super Mario Odyssey
    1. Super Mario Galaxy

  32. Dude. Thanks so much for making this video – you just made it clear which one I need to get. I don’t have limitless cash over here and had a buddy recommend I snag SUPER MARIO 3D ALL STARS for Switch if I still can over “SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD + BOWSER’S FURY.”

    Considering that the only Mario game I’ve ever beat was ODYSSEY, I think yours and my taste are probably pretty closely aligned. Considering that you put the 3 games of ALL STARS at 7, 5, and 3 respectively, and only put WORLD at 4, I think it’s probably the safest bet…

    Plus the scarcity of tracking down ALL STARS is a strong motivator since WORLD will be easier to track down later.

    Thanks for the solid advice, homie!

  33. odyssey was my first mario game ever and damn was it amazing

  34. Galaxy 1 is my favourite mario game and im playing it right now lol

  35. Super Mario Odyssey is not a perfect game, but it’s great
    I just hate the Broodal Bot boss

  36. I'm aware Super Mario 64 is "low". Please keep in mind that just because it's ranked lower, doesn't mean I hate it. I just enjoy the other 3D Mario games a bit more!

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