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EVE Online STARSHIPS dimensions | 3D

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There are not all EVE Online ships.

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  1. where is the black ship that can disappear when the red energy initiate?

  2. Where is Corax? I came here just to see my little girl

  3. 1:34 The Naglfar's 1349m height is incorrect, it's actually 5137m tall

  4. Some of the old Calderon designs like the moa and blackbird really were ugly. Love the new models.

  5. i have no idea?????? like if you like pewdiepie like if you hate covid 19

  6. Hearts of iron 4 game was pretty good and gave me an unforgettable feeling of an absolute ruling entity. My knowledge has expanded beyond the boundaries of the Universe. I must continue my journey with console commands in Cheat Land.

  7. who wouldn't want to live inside the Avatar?

    (obviously as long as you're not the target of another Titan-class ship)

  8. me parece que el tamaño del avatar es exagerado ya que el erebrus y el leviathan segun los mismos creadores dicen que son mas grandes.

  9. I never tho, that big fat man. Is the biggest basic frigate

  10. Its horrible not even seeing my small reaper next to the avatar

  11. Ah, those old ship models take me back… back when the Aeon was only half finished. Oh Wait.

  12. Yeah sure….. Nidhongur is as big as Hel clap clap…..

  13. Dang i never realized how big the avatar is.

  14. It really sucks that you cant use fighters in this game 🙁

  15. It's so easy to lose a sense of scale in this game

  16. This needs an update many ship models have changed as well as the sizes.

  17. why are the really tall ones shorter? it would make more sense to tilt them sideways / horizontal

  18. Nobody
    Not a single soul
    Not even the Titan Class ships

  19. 아니…. 닉스보다 니드호구가 더 크다고????????????

  20. Personally I do not believe more than twenty thousand years from now space ships will be so tiny. Especially when in the game giant fortresses are 3D printed in front of our eyes. I say multiply the sizes by ten to get something more accurate. We can and do build ships the size of many of these in the ocean now. We could build a space vessel as large as a Nimitz now if we really tried. Twenty thousand years from now? You see my point.

  21. On the frigates, for Minmatar you have the Republic Fleet Firetail listed as a Rifter. It's right next to the actual Rifter leaving two Rifters in the video.

  22. Caldari: normal
    gallente: POTATO
    Amarr: Simple
    Minmatar: *WINGS OR TALL

  23. Im not even know this ships are so big

  24. vertical supremacy! and wyvern does not seem to be at a correct scale.

  25. I hope you do an update to this video, and add the other races (Guristas, Serpentis, SOE, Triglavians, Edencom, etc) and adjust the scale for supercarriers. And scroll a little slower, there are so many ships in this universe 🙂

  26. The nidhoggur is only 2100 meters long in game not 4000 meters

  27. bruh first time i looked at this and eve online popped up

  28. Does the clone come out of the capsule when relaxing or is it trapped in there?

  29. This must be pretty old, the Moa/Gila doesnt look like that anymore, the tempest looks more like a cheetah or typhoon

  30. Man, some of the old caldari ships are wonky as hell. Glad they updated them. Also, the Xordazh World-Ark would like a word with you….

  31. "naglfar youre very thin for a dreadnought"
    "yEs i eM tALL"

  32. Wasn't it amazing to think, the ship the size of a city. Piloted by one man, almost naked inside a capsule, which work as the ship's heart. Instead of having thousands of people as crew. Imagine the brain capacity usage of handling such beast. Might need to use >70% of ur brain almost all the time huh.

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