Does It Take A Genius To Play 3D Chess? We Asked The Masters (HBO) -

Does It Take A Genius To Play 3D Chess? We Asked The Masters (HBO)

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Donald Trump supporters taut his ability to see moves ahead of his political adversaries. Even after some of his more baffling policy decisions or tweets, they claim Trump is playing 3D Chess, making moves massively more complicated and clever than normal people can comprehend. Most people have never sat down to play a game of 3D chess, and probably only know of the game from a brief scene in a 1976 episode of Star Trek, where Kirk and Spock play it on futuristic glass board on the enterprise.

In order to fully unpack the metaphor, VICE News spoke with 3D Chess experts to find out what the game actually is, and if Trump would be any good at it.

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  1. probably because playing 5d chess makes me feel like an actual invalid

  2. I'm not suprised the dude's "chess headquaters" was in his garage

  3. Such amazing reportage skills! Love this Video!

  4. This video would have been much better if it wasn't for the needless attacks on Trump. I just came here to understand about 3d chess.

  5. I love that Dubeck, the guy who created the fucking game, thinks it's total nonsense. "I'm not playing that useless crap, it's a waste of life"

  6. Is there anyone willing to stand up for 3D Chess?
    Blows out smoke Whassup 😉 lmao

  7. I invented 38 Dimensional Chess, it’s nonsense in many ways 😂

  8. Trump couldn't play regular Chess!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. You should check out Destin's smarter everyday about military multidimensional operation. Now it comprises of five dimensions: Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Cyber.

  10. I came for 3D chess but received a political hit piece. Thank vice I know I can always count on you

  11. We do we have to politicize everything even chess for Gods sakes

  12. I find Leroy Dubeck's distaste for Tri-D chess most illogical. 🖖

  13. I just played my very first game of Tri-D chess. And by merely A) setting the AI difficulty to 1 out of 10, 2) limiting the AI's allowed time to ponder to one second, and Gamma) relying solely on my shrewd wits and unparalleled strategic logic, I won! And these Trump supporters make out like 3D chess is hard. Move over Donald, there's a new genius mastermind in town… and her phasers aren't set to stun!

    P.S. Shoutout to the free Android app "Tri D Chess", it's a great implementation.

  14. “We saw a meme about orange man, do we tracked down people who play the game in the meme so we can prove that the orange man is bad and stoopid!!!!!”

  15. Is it any different from playing regular chess?

  16. Everyone there saying 3D chess doesn’t know how the pieces move

  17. JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l says:

    ☼ it was issued as a talking point . the important question is can trump play chess. or spell chess.

  18. Wow this is solely a political smear. How shallow, I was really hoping to learn something.

  19. Wtf Does Politics have to do with Chess? Oh right, it's Vice….

  20. So basically Vice had the opportunity to make a really informative video on 3D chess but they chose to rip on Trump instead. Vice "News"….

  21. Chess master their no point in this it’s Useless
    Hill billy I’m about to go full American on you

  22. As a chess player I love the personality of the 3D chess inventor

  23. This guy lives two towns over I might have to play him in some 3D chess

  24. I just searched 3d chess on Youtube hoping to find a video about what it is/how its played. I didn't have a clue why they kept talking about Trump. Then I realized this is a Vice News vid, SMH.

  25. Tbh I don’t care about politics so I’m going to stop watching this because of the politics that were shoved in my face at the beginning

  26. Omg give it a break chess pros there’s so much more about life than chess yea it’s a strategic game but more military style than actual manipulation of others people character for instance trumpet just bought off half your pieces and your whole formation is now fucked that’s life

  27. of course my ad had to be about Magnus Carlsen (:

  28. We can never play 5D chess, because we will need to see the 4th dimension.

  29. Thanks for pulling political’s into this for zero reason

  30. i love this. i think this video is what i needed in my life all alonge

  31. there's so much about this video that hurts parts of my brain, but… I really liked it?

  32. This guy didn't invent 3D chess. He just made the rules for the existing visual display that was made before any rules were decided on.
    A brief wikipedia read shows that 3D chess was already a thing, and a fictional variant of this was made for star trek. He doesn't seem to mention
    any of that.

    A chess variant in itself will always offer new challenges, and the expression '3d/Xd chess' is just saying that they're thinking outside
    the box, and/or playing the game at a level that is not entirely obvious.

    Also, as a counterpoint, you pull out two dudes who are just having fun, though maybe a little arrogant in their view of their own intelligence, and no one ever actually
    explains what is or isn't more or less complex about 3D chess, or anything about how it works.
    As a layman consumer, this is feels like poor journalism.

  33. Joe Dirt a.k.a 3D chess grand master

  34. VICE News spoke with 3D Chess experts to find out what the game actually is, and if Trump would be any good at it.
    Watch more Trump Talk here –

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