DIY 3D Printed and Epoxy Chess Set -

DIY 3D Printed and Epoxy Chess Set

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See the process of turning a used retro desk into an upcycled chess set with the help of some 3D printing and and a beautiful epoxy resin top. I found that upcycling old thrift store furniture was a lot more economic than buying new lumber and really enjoyed making something new out of something old. All printing was done on the Flashforge Creator 3 – a truly professional level 3D Printer.
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• Plywood Layered Ocean Desk:
• Bulletproof 3D Printed Stormtrooper Armor Suit:
• DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Dining Table:

• Flashforge Creator 3 3D Printer:
• Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit ($64 USD):
• Mixing and Measuring Cups for Epoxy ($10 USD):
• Wood PLA ($35 USD):
• Marble PLA ($24 USD):

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• Customizable Chess Board:
• Chess Set – Print Friendly:

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  1. I think you were supposed to remove the support on the knight's chin

  2. How long did the chess set take to print. The Flashforge is fantastic, but out of my price range. I do have 9 printers, so probably spent the same amount, but can print 9 beds of designs.

  3. I've never used a 3D printer, what you did looks Amazing!!!

  4. Great build /project
    Thanks for sharing 👍😁

  5. Yep that is a really nice $3500.00 printer but I could never justify such a purchase unless I was selling professionally produced products with it to recoup my cost. Your chess board and pieces look really nice!!

  6. Wow Nils! That 3D printer is incredible! Such a beautiful result. I'm sure your brother loved the chess set. It is always great to 'see' you!

  7. Great Project! Excellent use of upcycled material!

  8. Nothing is cooler than the original chess set but nice work….

  9. الاستاذ محمود التويجري says:

    amazing job dude well done indeed

  10. It was amazing to see the last result, except your drawers are wrong …. I am sure by now you have got to know that u can't play with the drawers on your side…. The position will be wrong 😉

  11. Just as a note. The chess board should have a white square on the right hand side and not the left. If not, your king and queen will be swapped. This is a common mistake made also in some movies containing chess sets.

  12. How about some aceton vapor treatmemt for the surface?

  13. …White square is always bottom right, not left…

  14. The pieces are a bit gritty tho, maybe sand them a little. Seems that printer is not too fine

  15. Just great!
    Using directional magnetic poles for both pieces bottom and board's squares, should be good idea.

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