Create Your First Complete 3D Game with Godot -

Create Your First Complete 3D Game with Godot

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In this final lesson in the course, you’ll code a 3D game from start to finish in Godot. You’ll learn to spawn random monsters, jump and squash mechanics, animation, and more.

Getting started with Godot in 2021 series:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:13 Downloading and importing the starter project
00:02:16 Creating the floor and light
00:06:32 Creating the player scene
00:09:17 Coding player movement
00:18:01 Setting up the camera
00:21:45 Making the player face the movement direction
00:23:25 Making the character jump
00:27:01 Creating the monster scene
00:29:50 Making the monster move
00:34:52 Spawning monsters randomly
00:46:38 Updating the collision layers
00:50:41 Coding the squash mechanic
00:57:41 Killing the player
01:02:07 Counting and displaying the score
01:09:15 Designing the try again screen
01:13:06 Adding player animations
01:26:07 Adding enemy animations
01:28:43 Adding music
01:29:17 Improving the shadow colors


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  1. How to export to android on godot 3.3.

  2. what kind of programming langguange godot use?

  3. can you help me with an isue
    When i tried to export my app on godot
    At first iw was perfect fine when i tried it the second thime it showed
    Failed to export the project for platform 'android'
    This might be due to configration issue in the export preset or your export setings
    Help mee thank you

  4. Help-me
    Error in the _on_MobTimer_timeout function that is now _on_Mob_timeout

    unit_offset error

    Invalid set index 'text' (at the base: 'null instance') with value of type 'floating'.

  5. Why is my movement not working I have gone over it 5 times but still won't work.

    I am on godot mono 3 if that is why?

  6. Amazing Video Thanks. 15:26 Is normalizing required? since the "direction" is added or subtracted by "1".

  7. 7:43 Is there any advantage to make the "KinematicBody(player)" to be the parent rather making the "Pivot" be the parent?

  8. please continue the making videos . do live streams or game examples

  9. can someone pls help me why my character movement so stiff and only move once space when i press the input key?

  10. My brother and I are about to start working on a 2d game. There's an issue though. He uses windows and I use linux. Would there be any complications or would we both have to use the same os?

  11. Please could you do one for 2.5D games too… Orthographic Top Down Style

  12. Not sure if it was intentional or not but seems like the "Get the free Godot email course" button no longer works.

  13. i followed every step but my player don't move … im lost

  14. Hey Nathan, I had an issue where when I spawned the mobs, the spawn UNDER the floor. I tried tweaking the Y axis on both the SpawnPath and SpawnLocation, but so far, nothing seems to affect it. I managed to put the camera along the side, and they are spawning correctly, just under the play area. Any suggestions on where I can look to troubleshoot this?

  15. 32:50 why it rotate around up vector. why we didn't code rotate z axis. if anybody know please answer.

  16. EXCELLENT TUTORIAL! Appreciate you describing each step and the whole process. Much better than getting bits and pieces from many tutorials.

  17. Hey nathan, I have a silly question, may i know your opinion on the Godot future? 🙁 i saw the developer of the godot engine posted on twitter that by the next year he won't be able to keep everyone hired because there's not enough funding …. so is that a dead end for godot update? so will Godot be the engine to learn in 2021?

  18. The monsters start swimming upside down if my player is outside the viewport. They sometimes get squashed without jumping.

  19. the light and shadow look so weird to me, my pc does not support MXAA "I have no GPU".
    idk if that is the reason. Maybe I should diff lighting. please someone help me.

  20. I'm trying to follow this tutorial but I have an issue when trying to make the player face the movement direction. Maybe you or another friendly traveller-of-the-internet can help me.
    When moving, the 3D model ist slightly tilted towards the floor (the feet are facing upwards), instead of lying flat on the ground. The animations are not yet implemented.
    I have double checked, and the code seems to be identical. I have also tried different configurations of the CollisionShape and Pivot nodes, but nothing changes. When starting the scene, the model starts out ok, and only pivots as soon as I start pressing the movement inputs. Which leads me to believe it has to do with the look_at() method. Thx in advance 🙂

  21. OK…How did you make the 3D tutorial the EXACT same length as the 2D?! 2:23:10

  22. Does anyone have an idea of why the line of code "velocity = move_and_slide(velocity, Vector3.UP)" is causing the player to float above everything? I have the player starting at ground level and if I disable this line it starts on the ground. Everything works as intended it just floats.

  23. shit. I thought this was a codeless engine that a video said about! i wish there was a 3d game engine with block coding as EASY as scratch. i cant understand coding if its not scratch-like block coding

  24. $50 says that nobody has become a developer with the help of these tutorials.

    Prove me wring by linking your game in a reply.

  25. When I was making the pivot thing it was a square not a sphere any idea why

  26. I have a problem with killing the player. on hitting the mob, the player does not get deleted. I have written the right code but it doesn't work. the mob and the player collide but the player doesn't die. Please help me.

  27. I don't have the option for Move_and_Slide. There's only move_child and move_toward. Anyone have any advice?

  28. I'd like to see how to make a game in Godot with architecture and scalability in mind. It seems like most tutorials rely heavily on non-scalable solutions, and would quickly fall apart if they were expanded upon.

  29. Uploading more like these really help us to stay connected… It never feels like we are following something outdated. I used to hate Godot but these crystal clear videos proved me wrong. Thanks a lot

  30. when i try to instance a scene it just wont let me. it shows a stop sign if i try to drag and will not even show the tscn files in the load child instance menu. i am lost here…

  31. I've been very intimidated to make the jump from 2d to 3d, and this tutorial really helped me make that hurtle.

  32. Thank you so much for these tutorials! Goddamn, even got a mini animation lesson too ;P

    IDK if I just couldn't find good Unity tutorials, but this 3D tutorial in particular had me understanding wtf the difference between physics bodies are, and how to incorporate velocity & acceleration based movement AND how to incorporate animation with them…. I think I can make a 3D game now :O

  33. Hello
    I did like what you did
    but it said "Script inherits from native type 'KinematicBody', so it can't be instanced in object of type: 'Node'"

    why ?
    can you answer me ?

  34. Good tutorial helped alot and im good at this

  35. 40:00 Anyone knows why I cannot close the curve with given four path points.

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