Create a Chess Game with ReactJS - Part 1: The board! -

Create a Chess Game with ReactJS – Part 1: The board!

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Hello and welcome to the series of how to create a chess game with ReactJS! In this first part we create the chess board.

The code in this video can be found on this GitHub repository:

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Setting up the project
2:24 Analyzing the board
3:30 Creating the chess board component
8:54 Creating the tiles
16:27 Implementing the grid


  1. so thankful to have landed on your channel 🐈

  2. thank you for the video, looking forward for the rest of the series.

  3. Nice video. Btw of you wanted to add style on the div it's written as <div style={{color: "black"}} />

  4. Beautiful video, quick and simple; just one question how would u add chess coordinates such as the lichess boards inside and outside?

  5. Nice bro… is there a way to contact you maybe? (:

  6. Great series! Is it okay if I use some of the logic (in piece movement) for one of my final projects? I’m writing the project in vanilla JavaScript rn but your explanations make the logic very easy to understand 🙂

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