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Chess Ultra Review PS4

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Honest, Detailed and Non Biased Review of Chess Ultra for the PS4.
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G’Day Mate


  1. Not a single move made to show what the pieces look like when they’re spread out a bit.

  2. I got this in my recommended feed and I have to ask was that a real Australian accent or were you just doing it for fun? Cuz in your newer videos you speak in a much deeper voice with an American accent

  3. Can I find online players for multiplayer matches?

  4. One thing I don't like about this game is when you lose, it ends the game right away and doesn't let you see the board.

  5. Can I have a private game to invite my friend to?

  6. Thanks for the info about this game!

  7. very nice music. tracking follow thanks

  8. Best review of the game i've seen. I couldn't agree more about the microtransactions.

  9. I dont know how play chess haha

  10. Very interesting channel! Subscribed 🙂

  11. Word of advice when playing online. Make sure you play with a "time limit" because most opponents take too long to make moves. Otherwise, this is a good Chess game, but I personally like Pure Chess better.

  12. I dont get why anyone would buy chess on a console when you can play chess on lichess for free on pc where there is better engines, and a larger audience, as well as the ability to get coaches, to study and analyze your games, and much more.

  13. If I was going to get a chess game for the atmosphere, it would have to be a VR game where you can play in a smoky 1920s tournament hall, and if you look up from the board then guys like Lasker, Nimzo, Capa, Alekhine, Reti, Tartakower, etc, are all playing at other tables around you. Otherwise, I don't see the point of this and might as well just play on Lichess for free.

  14. Haha your phoney accent — it’s like a hodgepodge of Australian, New Zealander, and South African… hilariously exaggerated.

  15. Great! Going to check it out on the PS store! Thanks for the review!

  16. Gran juego el ajedrez! Gracias por la descripción

  17. Congratulations for your channel

  18. Very good information about this game,- thx!

  19. What the Blazes?
    Fries go with mustard! 😂😂😂
    Checker piece style chess pieces are easier to travel around with and I whole heartedly agree with Kasparov, if you're going to train in chess then you want to do it in front of the board. Even with grandmasters such as himself, their ability comes from hard work and years of playing. You won't get immediate pattern recognition so you may give up a winning position and ignore a threat that you otherwise would have caught.
    So why the checker style?
    If you play mostly online then your playing won't suffer a recognition lag. If you're still early in your development, you simply learn both. If you're further along, it's noticeable. I notice my gameplay suffers over the board since I learned and play online mostly. A set from Sondergut corrected that, plus it's high quality, cheap, and really travel friendly. Check them out, they are on Amazon.
    And lastly about the micro transactions on Chess Ultra, there are chess pieces that are expensive, but if you look for the "Set", you'll notice that it's pieces AND a background environment. Interestingly enough they are the cheaper ones. Just look at the description and verify that it includes a background. Personally instead of extra content for looks, I'd like to see puzzles added.
    Anyways this is getting long, seriously if you like chess, checkers or backgammon then look into Sondergut, it's worth checking out and the quality is very nice. Especially for the price. They also sell replacement pieces so if you're just wanting the pieces that's doable as well. Happy Gaming ✌😎

  20. Quality review man. Thanks for taking it seriously.

  21. this piece of shit game sucks… no matter what, it has to win, every fucking game. fuck this chess program!

  22. I’m looking for a game to learn chess. Are there enough tutorials to get me to an advanced beginner level?

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