Chess Ultra First Look Gameplay PC HD -

Chess Ultra First Look Gameplay PC HD

Ross Senpai
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Introducing Chess Ultra; the most breathtaking chess game ever made. Experience stunning 4K visuals, seamless online multiplayer, Grandmaster approved AI and full VR compatibility.


  1. Well. Ok, of course it's just a chess game… but. It's beautiful.
    Although, considering the experience, this lack in 'game feel'. The moviment of pieces are strangely smooth and without emotion. I would exchange the realism for the experience of a real battle. Something like Battle vs Chess.

  2. Chessmaster is much better than this.

  3. So this is basically a chess game. Lichess is free, by the way.

  4. I love to play this when haha no one wants to play with me

  5. If anyone wanna play me add me gamertag tag is kanahawk for Xbox

  6. how wants to play with me? Steam id DavidAngel01

  7. When you get a pawn to rank 8 and the opponent's king is also on rank 8 are you not allowed to take a piece that would put them in check? I was trying to take a rook that would have mated him and it wouldn't let me choose the piece.

  8. My problem with this program is, in reality I don't see anything better about this than chessmaster GM edition. I want to see full immersion VR, where you can put on the goggles and watch your hand touch the pieces and your head move around the board. At the VERY least I would like to see something comparable to the old "Worlds Chat" that was popular in the 90's. It's sad you had that good of a chat back then and we can't get chess servers that beat chessmaster GM edition.

  9. No offense Ross, but you're not very good at chess.

  10. Mi board looks super dark and it is almost unplayable. I think this is because im running it on a old laptop with windows 7

  11. Aghh I need this game so bad , can someone buy this game for me ? I am saving up for subnautica and my time at portia

  12. Clock keeps ticking even after opponent flags. Don't buy

  13. Charging you £10 for this?? I thought there'd be battle animations or something

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