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“Check Animate” – A Stop Motion Chess Animation

Joel Osborne
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This animation is my final project for my BA (Hons) degree course in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

The production is an animation of a real, historical game of chess played between Henry Atkins and Herbert Jacobs in London in 1915. The intention is to extend the theme of games/ gaming and satire used in previous productions to metaphorically represent society’s changing relationship with linguistic variety.

I created this project using Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects CS6 editing software.


  1. please tell me what is this checkmate trap called

  2. this is so cringe ima puke

  3. I've watched this like 4 times. It's astronomical.

  4. I can't believe white hung like 62 pieces in the first 5 moves and then proceeded to smother mate

  5. At the start it says short animation, yet it goes on for almost 17 minutes.

  6. am i the only one who notices the same irl eye is used for both eyes on the pieces? great video by the way

  7. I like that the black king is doing weird stuff with his mouth

  8. Anyone notice how the king sounded like he has calling the bishop bitch Insteon of bish

  9. Queen sacrifice is written in history Danish gambit variation should be called animation variation

  10. How is that being part of the family

  11. where did you get that amazing chess set from

  12. at the beginning
    white king: if we win you will have to accept us as part of your family

    at the end
    white king kills his new brother 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  13. 4:07 chess nerds: WHY DONT YOU TAKE PAWN, EH? WHY!

  14. When i was watching this i have been suffering from all of the blunders and mistakes but also the humour is pretty funny

    Black king EXPLOADS
    ME: …………ok…

  16. This is so funny it would be nice if they also had the Human talking it would make it a bit more funnier but besides that amazing work. Love it😀

  17. This is the dumbest chess game I have ever seen but it’s hilarious

  18. at the end the white king said thats check mate and boom! 🤣

  19. eventually, thousands of years later, one of those pieces is going to make a video animating a game of chess and unknowingly creating an infinite time loop

  20. 13:15 should have killed black queen with white horse so white queen can kill black king and if black king kills white horse then rook can kill black king

  21. apparently white was playing the danish gambit, but the third pawn was declined lmao

  22. Im just confused whether the game was good or bad

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