But how does the Super Mario 3D All Stars collection FEEL? - creating3dgames.com

But how does the Super Mario 3D All Stars collection FEEL?

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Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy are all still phenomenal games that withstand the test of time. But… we can’t help but notice that something’s a little off…
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  1. My son downloaded this collection without my permission and I was not happy. Especially because i already owned mario 64

  2. First time playing Mario Sunshine and I hate that they ditched the long jump

  3. Super Mario galaxy is SO amazing. I used to play that with my grandpa and man I have such great memories of me and my papa screaming our lungs out at the wii when we died for the 7 millionth time.

  4. 6:33 Nintendo added support for GC controllers for Mario Sunshine.

  5. Does anyone else cringe when he says marry-oh?

  6. 9:34 How the hell do you mess up that star that many times, I'm not mad just disappointed

  7. On Mario sunshine I hooked up a gamecube controller and it works fine

  8. Omg it’s vlog creations! (I still love u to wolf den, I’m not just here for vlog creations.)

  9. It’s not bad. The Nintendo 64 version is the best

  10. mario 64 is ok for the first time and sunshine is a realy good game and i didnt play galaxy yet

  11. U look like Chris D'elia mixed work Adrian Brody

  12. so can i use the gamecube controller for sunshine?

  13. i’m playing through 64 for the first time and oh boy is it janky. i love it but i also hate the controls😂. my favorite is galaxy but maybe just bc of the nostalgia i played the game since i was 4 and i’m going to college soon so i’m glad i don’t have to haul a wii with me just to play my favorite games now

  14. Kind of weird Nintendo didn t just fix up the remastered Mario64 for the DS and use that in this release.

  15. I played Mario 64 ds originally and after trying to play it on switch honestly I prefer the ds remake

  16. i love these games i was not able to get them as the og so im happy i can play it now

  17. Hey so anyone playing Mario 64 (the best Mario game of all time) (except MAYBE Mario Maker 2) DON'T try to punch bullies, it's weird to time and annoying, instead jump up and a little forward when they attack you, and it will give the same effect as punching, just easier

  18. Jesus christ the frame drops in sunshine are depressing. Just slogging through it for the 100%

  19. Never played galaxy. It’s wonderful. Sad I never played it originally.

  20. You know… U look like the type of guy that worked at a GameStop now that I say it..

  21. I only played the ds version of 64 while growing up. playing the original version messed up my brain because stuff was added in the ds but it was fun. I never played sunshine before but it was still fun. Little aggravating but fun. Galaxy was as good as I remembered it to be. Not as good as 2 in my opinion.

  22. While I completely agree that this collection should have SMG2 and some more bonus content, I don’t think we got a bad collection honestly. I imagine that the Switch’s eventual Virtual Console will price N64 games at $10, GCN games at $20, and Wii games at $30, so I don’t think it’s a total rip-off.

  23. Emulating isn’t stealing tho? I own all these games on original formats and can get a much better experience using retro arch and dolphin this is disappointing and over priced

  24. It's a pity Microsoft owns Rare as it would be awesome to see N64 Rare games ported to the Swith, especially Blast Corps, which in my opinion is very addictive yet under rated.

    In my opinion, if it hadn't been for Rare, the N64 would've been Nintendos' worse nightmare.

  25. I couldn’t play galaxy with the joy cons

  26. I played Super Mario 64 with my PowerA Gamecube controller. It was the closest I was going to get to an original play through.

  27. I want those games just to have it in collection, but will always play it on PC (of course I have the original copies, so emulation is right… right?)

  28. No mention of the lack of control mapping?
    Not everyone is used to the B button being set to Jump. It's literally unplayable for me unless I remap my joycons in the switch menu, but then I have to constantly switch the controls back and forth for other games.

  29. Last time I played a game that didn't let me remap the controls, it was an indie game on steam that cost me $0.70

  30. If these were complete remakes I'd buy them all for 60€ each. But i'll just skip them as is

  31. I was just trying to have a conversation about this and struggled to really convey what I was talking about lol — I loved all three of these on their respective consoles and all of them have been replayed countlessly, even as roms. Sunshine is my favorite of these three — and it just feels SO WRONG to play it off of a gamecube controller. I couldn't even handle off brand gamecube controllers for some of the movement in that game specifically — it just feels so awkward on already …. difficult controls (for going backward from how cool things are now with in game cameras lol.) Either way, I am so glad for the ports. It's nice to have experienced all of this gaming history and now see a new generation understand the nostalgia behind our earlier 3D games and play through the stories.

  32. I actually really enjoyed this collection and galaxy is alot of fun. I got to finally play it for the first time

  33. Yeah , when Nintendo shutsdown roms sites, fails to host there own legacy content, and over charges for crap ports . When modders continued to prove Nintendo wrong . Example when Nntendo said gba games couldnt run on the 3ds . Or, how modders discovered Nintendo uploaded fan rom dumps to the eshop . An charges $20 more than the origional release on the wii . Pirating isnt stealing. When , Nintendo doesnt provide a legal way to play the games .

  34. I know this is really old at this point but they did add support for the Wii u adapter so you can use the GameCube controller. It works just like it did on the game too

  35. Maybe I should of bought it !??


  36. Except they're all not as good as odyssey

  37. Bob there is an ir reader on the bottom of the right joy con.

  38. Super Mario 64 was the first video game that was mine as a kid and I love it now as much if not more than I did 20 years ago

  39. my fave and the reason i got this was mario sunshine. friggin luv that title. i also bought it bcause even when i had an n64, i didn't get super mario 64 AND i never got to own a wii so i could never play that one either and i've heard GREAT things bout galaxy

  40. . i stand amazed to know that the general consesnus amongst fans is that marios sunshine is the worst 3d mario title. when 4 me it's hella fun. it does tend to try one's patience but the satisfaction feeling you get out of overcoming the challenges is great

    plus i like mario's mobility, how colorful the world is. and i friggin love there's a ton of water i love fludd, the goofy voice acting, classic mario voice. bowser jr. cleaning paint, the music. what's not to love imo? the reason i love odyssey so much is because i get mario sunhhine vibes but better and on steroids. freakin awesome mario experiences. i mean i friggin got the collection mostly because sunshine was on the bundle. had there been the 2 galaxy mario plus n64 that would've been a nogo

  41. I have never played Mario 64 or sunshine and only a little bit of galaxy when I was a small child, but I can say with confidence Mario 64 is my favorite game by far. I don’t know what it is but it feels so much better and faster after you get use to the controls and camera a little bit. I’m really surprised people don’t feel the same.

  42. This is a game I got on my birthday I was disappointed and then… it hit….. me……..

  43. Am I pretty much the only person that has mastered using the Pro Controller with Mario Galaxy?

  44. i would love this if not only i got it in time and if i had a switch i still dont have one

  45. when will they make wii games on the switch such as my fav game to watch from 5 years ago mario party 9 idk y tho i just liked it

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