Building a 3D Game LIVE - Start to Finish -

Building a 3D Game LIVE – Start to Finish

Jason Weimann
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We’ll build a 3d game live, starting from nothing..

It’ll probably be a shooter, I’ve got a few art ideas in mind 🙂

Check out the course:

I just converted my beginner video into a little micro course, if you’re interested in 2d or general game code, check it out here (free):


  1. price I pay for not watching the live stream: Ads every 5 minutes

  2. ​hi bro, you are very good, but you can make a video how to code a function like this ?my function is want then in the legend of league game has it,​it's the function when you want to see your "teammates" on the minimap you will move the "white square" to the Your "teammates" and the camera will move there, but only in game 2d ? thank you so much

  3. For some reason, your studio background making me sleepy, thanks for your efforts :).

  4. In this video you look like Jeffery Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead!

  5. tired following along with this and at the point of the highscore mine shows up as 0, until i reach the highscore again. any ideas?

  6. The hard part is building scene. I am here right now. Very tired.


  8. Jason's gotta have at least 64GB in that system to be able to have three whole VS instances open in addition to Unity. I'm also really impressed by how quickly he's able to load VS. My work computer is no slouch, but it still takes quite a while to open VS. Even my personal computer takes a few more seconds than his does!

  9. I'm curious why you aren't using the new input system. When you showed the preview you seemed excited about it. Did I miss some reason you decided not to use it?

  10. My high score text only seems to reflect the point total for whatever robot was just destroyed. For example, when Blue Marvin is shot, high score says 1000, then seconds later when Cute Blue dies (in the same game), it changes to 500, and so on. Any idea why? I'm using 2019.3.0f6 if that matters

  11. Did you really just put a FindObject() in Update()? Way to reduce your fps to zero, man

  12. Jason, I love your tutorials and your mailing list. just a couple of quick questions:

    a) i recently played around with using scriptable objects as templates to generate types of enemies, bullet types, as alternatives to prefabs. do you find use for scriptable objects in you workflow? your thoughts on when you use scriptable objects vs prefabs?

    b) why do you remove the private access modifier. it seems to me that the more verbose/explicit version seems 'cleaner', especially for ppl not familiar with c#/unity that much

  13. Looks at purchased assets… Looks at complete projects…. Cries..

  14. can we download the project? i would love to make a couple adjustments 😀 (if i said that in a rude way sorry)

  15. I start loving your all videos, thank you so much, you motivated me to keep going with my unity, am just a beginner at unity 3D,

  16. The player is moving I side the building, even after adding rigidbody to player it's the same

  17. “In reality I should probably… … I’m going to do it 😂” 👍

  18. I mean you no disrespect but I thought you were Jordan Peterson

  19. Do I need to wear a Hood?
    That seems to give the right tachyons of telecyspic universal energy ! >;O

  20. I've followed along and everything works bar one aspect.

    I've added the code for when the player dies with no error. But, when the bullet collides with the enemy it resets the scene?

    The script is picking up the enemy as Player?

  21. You like way over complicated the shooting bullet. Just instantiate a bullet prefab with a script on it that destroys the bullet over a set time…

  22. I had the same issue with VS opening multiple Instances. I updated the Visual Studio Packages in Unity Package Manager and that fixed it for me.

  23. At 2:06:50, why were some of the enemies micro-stuttering or briefly pausing while moving?

  24. Uhhh I'm pissed I missed this live :<
    Gotta hit that bell button 😮

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  26. in 3 days I can create a moving bean, this guy creates a whole game in two hours.

  27. To bad I cant buy the assets so i got some other ones for free

  28. i have a problem the the bullets shoot only at one direction

  29. You gotta program the engine from scratch. That's what interests me.

  30. Hey! I would like to be able to make my character be seen though other objects (like not as if it was in front of it but some way, lets say a gray shadowlike stuff. (and to be able to coordinate inside of a building – for the user of the unit the buildings roof would completely disappear

  31. 1:10:45 – The type or namespace name 'Player' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
    Someone help pls

  32. Ok i hv a question 13:52 wen i put the my TIME didnt light blue like urs is there sumthin I need to download??

  33. this helped so much more than any tutorial i like seeing what people actually do and the thought process behind it when they make games i wish there was more live stream videos like this

  34. I watched it two times, and understood that it is just impossible to learn what needed to make a game by complete beginner as I am in a resonable amount of time. That's just insane.

  35. Marvin the robot is now found under Cute_Robot_3 > Robot_Blue. Animation pack shown around 55:15 is now named Basic Motions FREE make sure you grab the one by Kevin Iglesias

  36. I have been following your code a total of 6 days and unable to move the Bullet script over. When I hit alt enter on Bullet.. The bullet code had the following lines: using System;

    using UnityEngine;

    public partial class Gun


    public class Bullet : MonoBehaviour


    Gun _gun;

    public void SetGun(Gun gun) => _gun = gun;

    void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)






    public void AddToPool(Bullet bullet)





    Is that public partial class is messing it up????

    Error trying to add the script to the bullet is the following: Can’t add script component “Bullet” because the script class cannot be found. Make sure there are no compile errors and that the file name and class name match.

  37. I love your videos! Very easy to follow and understand!

  38. I was hoping for the apocalyptic level

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