Bowser's Fury FULL GAME Mario Challenge: Can you beat Bowser's Fury with your feet? -

Bowser’s Fury FULL GAME Mario Challenge: Can you beat Bowser’s Fury with your feet?

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Mario and Bowser Jr vs BIGGER, BADDER BOWSER in Bowser’s Fury (FULL GAME) on the Nintendo Switch!! But this Super Mario challenge is with FEET ONLY CHALLENGE on the controller! Update about my hand injury in the video too, thank you so much for all of the support on this channel 🙏

Super happy with how this challenge turned out, and there are some updates on my hand injury in this video, thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate it!

What if Super Mario had Custom Warp Boxes? –

Bowser Jr’s Fury (you play as Bowser Jr) –

Bowser’s Fury Challenge Intro – 0:00
Hand Injury Explanation – 0:07
Bowser’s Fury First Cat Shine – 1:04
Mario meets Bowser Jr – 2:11
Scamper Shores – 2:52
Fort Flaptrap – 6:49
Fury Shadow by the Shore (Shadow Luigi boss) – 9:45
Fury Bowser Boss Fight #1 – 11:50
Key to the Cat Shine – 15:00
Pounce Bounce Isle – 17:49
Fury Bowser Boss Fight #2 – 29:00
Slipskate Slope – 33:27
Cloud Bonus Area – 36:42
Clawswipe Colosseum (Boom Boom Boss Fight) – 38:51
Fury Bowser Boss Fight #3 – 41:31
Plessie Challenge – 44:21
Trickity Tower – 50:45
Crisp Climb Castle – 57:00
Crazy Plessie Challenge – 1:05:40
Pipe Path Tower – 1:12:40
Risky Whisker Island – 1:19:57
Mount Magmeow – 1:24:45
Fury Bowser Fight #4 – 1:31:52
Roiling Roller Isle – 1:37:20
Final Cat Shine – 1:41:50
Final Bowser Boss Fight (Phase 1) – 1:44:30
Final Bowser Boss Fight (Phase 2) – 1:45:55
Thoughts on this challenge/ repetitive strain injury – 1:48:54
Other game plans/ thank you for your support – 1:49:49
Thank you for watching – 1:51:01
Outro – 1:51:30

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  1. Cool, what screen recording software do you use ZXMany?

  2. I know about your hand injury,hopefully your hands get better,it's hilarious that this challenge even exists!

  3. I missed the bowsers fury content, thank you for this video!
    I hope your hand heals soon, this was a creative way to get around your injury!

  4. Zxmany after this are you going back to Mario party superstars I’m just wondering

  5. about your hand somebody in my class Hart there hand

  6. he beat bowser’s fury in only an hour with his feet, freaking legend

  7. u know zx u can let your hand heal I don't think people will be mad if you stop but I don't care what you do just do what you think is best

  8. @ZXMany If your hands are really hurting, then take a break, otherwise they might get worse. It's always a good idea to take a break from doing what you love. We appreciate your daily uploads, but if you need to, then take a break. Don't push yourself too hard.

  9. Such a creative idea. And a well-known game with some good gameplay, and all that by just playing with your feet. I'd be too incompetent to do that. Good job out there, ZXMany.

  10. I remember when you played Mario 3d world with your feet. and now you're playing Bowser's fury with them.

  11. I love that zxmany kept pausing and exiting to the homepage

  12. Play legend of Zelda breath of the wild with your feet

  13. Zxmany about to tell us something fun he did with dash panels 1 second later it is fun to kill goombas with skates

  14. MORE Bowser’s Fury VIDEOS!!!! 😍😍😍😍😃 but still, this is really gross… 🤢🤮

  15. I bet that was a pain in the ass to play it with your feet

  16. Yeah Play Mario Party Superstars with your feet if that thing to your Hands Happen Again

  17. I actually tried this once and it was painful

  18. that is so sus how it dus not mach the cuntrol rotashin

  19. zxmany I did not no you wer a faker

  20. Today we play through Bowser’s fury with holding a whistle in my mouth like my coach

  21. I hope your hands get better so you can do more awesome videos I have a video Idea here is it is So you can make a custom level you can do without jumping your welcome have a good day ◇ 🙂

  22. Of you press right on the depad it puts the amount thing so you can scan it

  23. I missed the 3d world and fury content over the party

  24. I heard you got sonic colours a few months ago I think playing sonic colours will be a good game playing with your feet

  25. Hope ur hand 👂 repairs
    Also if u have try SMB 64 (online SMB 1) with feet

  26. Beat Mario 64 with your feet to celebrate that my brother beat the game

  27. While playing mount magmeow I just need two items tanooki leaf and super bell I climbed the entrance gate with the super bell the I switch to the tanooki suit and spin jump and flout this way I can reach Prince bully with ease

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