Blender 3D Chess Board modeling/sculpting (timelapse) -

Blender 3D Chess Board modeling/sculpting (timelapse)

Ivan Kukucov
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Blender timelapse of modeling/sculpting a Chess board.

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Blend file is available for download at:


  1. Yo can i have the blend files for all the pieces and this board? Please

  2. How did you do the bit with the Knight piece where you had the like net with all the squares or whatever and just dragged it into the basic shape of the horse? Sorta new to Blender and cant find anything to actually understand what that bit was or how you did it

  3. Would you be willing to do a video of the Knight piece again but as an actual tutorial or like slowed down enough to be able to follow what all the menus are youre clicking on etc. your video is one of the best ive seen with doing the knight and i really need help with modelling the knight for something im working on hence if you could aid in any way the steps you did it id be very grateful

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