Battlechess Game of Kings BR -

Battlechess Game of Kings BR

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The most challenging game on earth comes to life in Battle Chess. An entire medieval world at war is reflected on the checkered field.

Everyone who’s ever had a knight take a pawn has seen that capture as more than one piece replacing another on the board. In player’s minds, the bold knight, resplendent in his armor of silver or ebon, sallies forth and slays the foul footsoldier. Combat, mortal combat, is the heart and soul of chess, but this aspect of it can only live in the mind’s eye… until now!

Lots of computer chess games capture the basics of chess. Only Battle Chess brings chess to life by combining a magnificent chess logic system with colorful, humorous, and dramatic three-dimensional animations.


  1. I'm so mad they didnt give the knight the leaping animation, because the knight is a unique character that can literally jump

  2. When You Finnaly Killed One Person After Being Clapped 5 Times

  3. It I very good for a person long I the a it 👌 I'm glad that it 😊 me a for and for I to

  4. Can u please say name of the game, even I want to play once

  5. Honestly it's funnier if you don't know which one initiated combat

  6. In reality, the king doesn't get assassinated, but the game ends instead when the king have no legal moves and cannot get out of check

  7. Pov:U finally click on this video after its recommend too much

  8. Which game please
    Whoever tell, gonna like them and subscribe
    Please tell game &&game, I will right then subscribe, like and share your videos ( or anybody who tells

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