Battle Chess (MS-DOS) - Gameplay -

Battle Chess (MS-DOS) – Gameplay

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This is a chess game programmed by Interplay in 1988. It would be a chess game like many others, except that the pieces actually fight to the death when you capture them! Note that I’m not actually trying to win this match against the CPU, I am trying to show as many fights as possible. In the end, in fact, I lose, while it’s not hard to win, this AI is quite rudimentary.

Note that it’s not easy to emulate this game properly, the audio always tends to be either too fast or too slow. I think I managed to obtain a reasonable speed.


  1. omfg I was like 4 years old when I played this with my sister

  2. I love this one soooooo much. I'm nostalgic now =..(

  3. I actually played this so long ago…

  4. That knight just severed the bishop's head.. Brutal!

  5. It's the BEST chess game of all time💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖. My MOST FAVORITE💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖. Still like it to this day the MOST.

  6. Lots of sweet childhood memories with this game💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  7. The Queen is BADASS & PRETTY💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  8. This brings back childhood memories.
    This is how I got into chess actually.

  9. I remember playing this game without a clue as to how chess is played. Just to see the homies get cut down lol

  10. Did anybody else come here because they watched that video game documentary on Netflix?

  11. I remember being a kid in the 90s and laughing like an idiot everytime the king got stripped lol.

    I also remember my shitty Tandy taking forever to animate the moves.

  12. Finally I found the 90s computer chess game video! Good memories!

  13. Started playing chess again because of The Queen's Gambit, but when I was six this game made chess seem like the coolest thing ever.

  14. Wer ist auch wegen der 18. Harry Podcast Folge von Coldmirror hier? 😂

  15. Omg! I've played this year's ago on the "Atari"!! Best chess game!!

  16. I've just stumbled across this, first PC game I played. How would I get this in 2021? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  17. Haha i miss this game so much, the action sequences are awesome, but for some reason the queen terrified me back then

  18. My you missed the best animation: Knight VS Knight with the Holy Grail reference.

  19. How can I download this game?, this is one of my best unforgettable memories of my adolescence, thank you, cheers for you!. 2021.

  20. Finally found the childhood… This was the best, I can watch this all day long… Deja Vu!

  21. The computer had checkmate in 2 at 20:26, not sure why it pushed its last pawn for a third Queen lol. After Kb8 computer had Qg7, then Kc8 is white's only move, then Qa8++. Oh well. The game was lost long before this anyway haha

  22. I used to watch my mum play this. I’ve forgotten about how slow it is.

  23. childhood memories, good old days, played that a lot here in brazil in a 286 ATX! Quem aí jogava com o disquete kkkkk

  24. Why can't we have a normal NEXT-GEN version of BATTLE CHESS???

  25. This chess is ridiculous haha but I enjoyed it whether win or lose

  26. My father had this game installed in his computer when I was a kid. I was so bad at the game but liked to play just to watch the animations.

  27. It also works with windows xp. Unfortunately i cannot install it on a windows10 computer

  28. I used to play this in elementary school.

  29. I would say I want this as app but adds and microtrasactions would ruin it.

  30. I was playing this game in 2000 when i was 4 at that time i didnt knew about chess at all lol

  31. I played this game more than 10 years ago. I'm happy to see it again. It reminds me of my childhood.

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