Battle Chess: Enhanced CD-ROM (Interplay) (MS-DOS) [1992] [PC Longplay] -

Battle Chess: Enhanced CD-ROM (Interplay) (MS-DOS) [1992] [PC Longplay]

La Mazmorra Abandon
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  1. The movement animations in this game were way too slow. Also the pre-battle movement was really annoying. I don't understand why they didn't fix that.

  2. un juego muy entretenido, desde hace años quise descargar en mi computadora

  3. 27:12

    I wonder why the Bishop didn't perform Bc2a4 and, instead, performed Bc2b3. Black's Bishop on e8 is royally pinned (rendered immobile in order to protect King from being exposed to check by enemy piece) by White's Rook on d8, so White's Bishop on a4 is
    1 – not being threatened by Black's immobile Bishop, and
    2 – at an advantage to capture Black's immobile Bishop (White's d8 Rook is already threatening his capture.)

    Serious chess players and chess analysts, please help.

  4. Oh my God I remember playing this when it came out, I was…9 I forgot about the Monty Python Knight fight

  5. I believe prefer the original Battle Chess

  6. This is the craziest bit of nostalgia that I honestly never thought I'd experience — not to mention even remember. I used to put the disc into my CD player and listened to the audio files. Must've been at least 25 years ago, how crazy!

  7. Spoiler!!!

    Why did the blue lose? why did they give up?

  8. 23:38 That knight must have been super stressed, like "Oh no I know where this is going" as he's dodging all that magic

  9. I wish they had put this verison on steam included to the battle chess version that is availible regularly there.

  10. Oh God that theme song was a blast of nostalgia. I forgot about the CD soundtrack of this being so good until just now.

  11. Bunch of high 30/40 somethings here right? I was born in 1980. Distant memories of being at a friend's house trying to play this impossible chess game long before we knew how to okay chess. Did ANYONE who actually played chess ever play this game? My friend Richard had an Amiga 500.

  12. I was becoming a chess master as a kid and didn’t even know it! Lol

  13. Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal says:

    I remember playing this game at school a lot and in primary school

  14. This is a perfect example of they don't make em like they used to.

    Also theres an option on the set up board where you can play with 3 rooks and 3 knights or whatever you want…

  15. Never knew this game existed. It's AWESOME💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖. I only played the original one. I still prefer the original one better.

  16. Lo jugué en la Colección de Juegos para PC de El País. Que recuerdos con mi MMX 200 MHz

  17. I actually learn how to play chess from this game

  18. OMG it's bad compared to the original … it's like they try to compensate the slow thinking computer with slow moving pieces …

  19. There was a chess battle before this!! Why can't I find it

  20. Is it just me, or am I getting some weird Golden Axe, and/or The Legend of Zelda vibes from watching this!? (L.O.L.!)

  21. I had this game and never realized how slow the animations were. I guess back in 1994 playing this on CD ROM was groundbreaking so never really noticed it.

  22. I have the game disc but need a compatibility disc to play on windows 8 and above

  23. They should've have the guy say Fatality when someone dies.

  24. almost 2 decades later i still cant look away from the Red Queen's booty

  25. the bishop's sound is like a graveyard LOL

  26. Nice game. I still have the cd-rom. It works also with windows xp. Unfortunately i cannot install it on a windows10 computer

  27. I had the Nintendo version back in the day.

  28. Holy shit that knight kill was brutal lol

  29. How do I find and download this exact version of this game? Steam only offers something else.

  30. I never played this enhanced version, but the original was one of my favorite things in 90'.

  31. I still remember the opponents bishop move sound

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