AutoCAD 3D Modeling Chess Bishop Tutorial Exercise 23 -

AutoCAD 3D Modeling Chess Bishop Tutorial Exercise 23

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Autodesk Autocad training and course 3d modeling tutorial with our drawing practice exercise for beginner at basic level how to make chess sets bishop with some easy command, check it out!!!

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  1. why is it everytime I add the "Planesurf" below the object and when I finally "render" it, things always turn out that the planesurf is gray color and the environment is white? even though I edited the planesurf into white.

  2. can you give me the spesific picture of model XD

  3. sir..where can i get the clear view of this drawing

  4. sir..if you don't mind im going to ask you a question.why did you use a 53radius arc before you make a 60radius circle…is that 53radius just a reference..i it possible if im going to use 54radius or 55 it up to me, what radius im going to use..and also sir…correction for the distance of the top most circle, you use 3 for the distance instead of 3.5…

    sir just for clarification…thank you sir

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