Amateur Challenges Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen | WSJ -

Amateur Challenges Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen | WSJ

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Self-described “obsessive learner” Max Deutsch challenged grandmaster Magnus Carlsen to a game of chess. What could possibly go wrong? Video: George Downs/WSJ. Photo: Gordon Welters for The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. The entire video in summary
    Caveman vs Helicopter

  2. The clown that wants to challenge grandmaster so stupid

  3. Very odd. He came up with an idea to utilize "algorithms" to give him a shot. That's the novelty of the idea.

    But he didn't get to that part.

    No algorithm. But they pushed through with the game anyway?!

    Whats the novelty of that idea.

    Horrible idea. Even more horrible execution. Wasting important people's time.

  4. Yo, actually, the dude is kind of impressive, i mean, he's obviously an idiot for doing this, but the other stuff learning how to draw, that was nice

    yes i want to learn to draw

  5. To this day that algorithm is still running

  6. Let Carlsen challenge any football player to a shootout. That might be more interesting.

  7. Learner learns how to be cringy in a month.

  8. I dont think he can even beat anybody who plays competitive chess in a month

  9. This is why you don’t tell your kids over and over that they are “””really good””” at something to be nice, because you end up with this guy.

  10. Next challenge, teach Max's parents how to say no in a month

  11. Mom: go play with the neighbors kid
    The neighbours kid:

  12. Max doesn't even realize hoe delusional he sounds

  13. I feel like max is being hated on for the wrong reasons-

    A large amount of the comment section hates how he challenged Magnus to begin with, but I don't see a problem with that. It was for fun.

    Of course he wasn't going to win, but it wasn't like he truly thought he was going to win.

    Max he knew was going to lose,

    Magnus knew max was going to lose,

    We knew max was going to lose,

    Everyone knew max was going to lose,

    Trying to win is not an insult, I would say its more of an insult to not try at all.

    I'm sure that most people here would absolutely play against Magnus if they ever got the chance, and give it their all. No one would think they had a chance of winning, but that isn't the point.

    It's like a wrestling newbie going against a master. It's for fun, having fun isn't arrogant or disrespectful.

    Rather, what I would call arrogant and delusional is his comments on how he supposedly made Magnus "Nervous". Are you kidding me? He shouldn't dare act like he did better than he actually did.

    Speaking of being disrespectful, whatabout his so called algorithm that he didn't finish.


    He didn't finish it, so he just didn't do anything that whole month. He didn't even try to learn chess.

    I can understand a "I'll learn chess for a month and see how I do against Magnus!" After all, it's for fun. But to not even try to learn chess? I have no words

  14. OMG I am wondering that the people believe he was serious.

  15. That's the chess version of learning to box for a month and then fighting Mike Tyson in his prime.

  16. Why are y’all hating on this guy. Clearly his brain is way more advanced than the average human…why does that upset you people ? 🤣

  17. U want to beat magnus with spanish opening (ruy lopez) which is very common for chess player, and the line can go as deep as 30 moves, ofcourse magnus will destroy u when u make inaccuracy on move 8 😂

  18. 5:35
    magnus said : Im really curious how ur algorythm is gonna work (holding his laugh).
    Even magnus know this guy is clown 😂

  19. This guy is an fraud!! He doesn't actually complete challenges but likes to talk big

  20. Lol with that stupid approach he can't even beat me. There is no shortcut in chess. You gotta put work to it.



  23. He chose the most stupid strategy existent lol

  24. amateur: i built an algorithm to play chess like a computer
    grandmasters doing computer prep: am i a joke to you

  25. He played ten players without looking at the boardWhen he played kasparov at age 12It was a drawnNervous in first eight moves? He has entire games and possibilities Memorised with almost every opening you could have come up with

  26. this is the most boring video. most of it is about a fairly interesting idea, can you get better at chess by memorizing favorable positions then trying to play them? but then becomes: can a not- chess master beat magnus carlsen. yes obviously. a waste of five minutes

  27. Is the game recorded somewhere ? Curious to see if he was close to beating Magnus.

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  29. Next thing is probably go against Anthony Joshua in a boxing match smh

  30. Magnus agreed just to get a free trip to San Francisco

  31. Surprised how many people decided to rag on this guy. Hey, he was able to get it set up, that in itself is mildly impressive.

  32. every time im feeling bad with myself i come here

  33. what a suprise, the guy who's been playing for a month lost to one of the greatest players ever, what an idiot

  34. Honestly i wonder whats going on in magnus head while hes playing what makes him choose the moves he does. Im bad at chess so i cant comprehend it

  35. If he had only been able to memorize the optimal move out of every possible chess position (~10^120 positions) like he planned he totally would have won! 😪

  36. Every time I blunders at Lichess, I come and watch this. Make me feel better.

  37. If you're developing a new chess algorithm (like stockfish suddently is not good enough), maybe try it down your local chess club first, before challenging the guy who drew Kasparov when he was 12 years old.

  38. I don’t need a Month to learn how to solve a rubix cube or how to do a backflip, but I do need more then a month to memorize all the good chess moves.

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