All The New Mario Games That Might Release In 2021! -

All The New Mario Games That Might Release In 2021!

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Mario Kart 9, Super Mario Odyssey 2, Super Mario Party 2, Mario Strikers Switch! All these games and more could potentially release in 2021, but which ones do I think are most likely! Well, that’s gonna be the topic of today’s video! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I just want another, open-world, Wii Sports Resort adaptation…

  2. If you work for nintendo tell me when the new mario party come out and the switch pro I need your trust

  3. Okay okay. hear me out.. Switch Sports. Like Wii Sports, but for Switch! I'd kill for that.

  4. 2021 is (or I have heard I’m nor sure) the 35 anniversary of the legend of Zelda

  5. if you work for nintendo then ask them how McDonald's was able to make eCDP if you didnt help them

  6. They should do a Mario Sports mix 2 with the four returning sports, new stages, and add new sports like Soccer, And Football

  7. 1:31 kinda “need” galaxy 2 ….. galaxy 2 port would be perfect already got galaxy 1 why not 2 and it would sell great

  8. There is enough Mario stuff for the moment, I´m rather hoping for a Banjo Kazooie/Tooie sequel that will even crush Mario Odyssey

  9. Just subscribed to your channel. I enjoy knowing updates about Mario games. I really hope they make a new Mario Party and Mario Kart soon. I also would really enjoy if they did the Mario Basketball game from the DS to a switch game. I also really enjoyed golf as a kid on the old Nintendo i’m hurt you don’t want it remade 🤣

  10. What I’d like to see:

    I’ve heard of rumors of a new Mario Sports Game: if so, I’d like to see Mario Golf All-Stars, with all the courses from Golf N64, Toadstool Tour and World Tour.

    It would be challenging to code, but I wonder if a Super Mario 3D Maker could happen: you’d have Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and Odyssey. But I don’t know how this could work.

    Finally, if not 3D Maker I’ve love to see Mario Kart Maker. You could piece together tracks in numerous different environments.

  11. Mario party needs a proper online multiplayer…

  12. Are you going to play 3D world + bowsers fury?

  13. Paper marios 20th anniversary is this year so they could prove you wrong

  14. I wish they'll do a Super Princess Peach game. Consider that Peach is a playable character in 3d world and can has all the super powers, they should do an entire game with her as they did with Super Princess Peach for DS for switch, it would be awesomeeeee 😭😍😍

  15. You mean all the Mario ports coming in 2021?

  16. I just want galaxy 2 on switch and I’ll be happy

  17. Switch Stop: 100% does not want to play Mario golf.
    Me: remembering there is a new Mario Golf coming out soon. "OOF"

  18. Super Mario galaxy 3 would BANG. If they bring that back ppl would go nuts bc galaxy 1 and 2 are amazing games

  19. "I do not want to play golf" Thomas

    Ufffffff, too late

  20. if i own switch game like New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe with 4 player where it at 3d are cool with cats are nieeded.
    limed one are not where it at. unless more.

  21. thank you, you’ve helped me with my media project on Mario 😩🤞

  22. everyone hates mario golf…

    we're getting mario golf super rush

  23. Fans: Cant wait for Super Mario Party 2!
    Nintendo: That's cute but how about Super Mario Party ONLINE UPDATE.

  24. Please come up with a mario baseball game with online play that would be soo epic !!!

  25. Please come up with a msrio shooter game that would be awesome

  26. I want mario strikers and mario strikers charged remastered on switch so bad

  27. yo hey switch stop i subscribed to yor channel and also you were prenouncing wario wrong you said worio but its wario

  28. Man I’m starting to think I actually work for Nintendo you literally nailed half the games on the list

  29. We have to listen to you you said you will work in Nintendo

  30. He predicted Mario party super stars and warriors ware and Mario gulf rush

  31. I have been subscribed and let me tell you. It’s life changing

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