All That Glitters Is Old | Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review -

All That Glitters Is Old | Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars brings Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy together into one package. So how do these classic games play on Switch?

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  1. Definitely late, but I’m so happy you said that about Sunshine. I 100% completed 64 and while frustrating at times, it was a fun blast to the past for my childhood. I didn’t own Sunshine, but my friends had it and I really don’t remember it being this wonky compared to 64
    of all games. It just doesn’t feel as good to me. Still looking into beating it though and enjoying it!

  2. Banjo Kazooie's textures have more detail to them. That's why 1080p doesn't accentuate the barrenness of it like it does Mario 64.

  3. I'm thankful for it. I wouldn't have had a chance to play 64 otherwise, or Sunshine unless I wanted to pay loads for a second hand copy and a Gamecube controller to connect to the Wii.

  4. See Nintendo should fix games and many 1080p 60fps but fuckit Nintendo have's so meny fanboys to by nostaltig games for too much… But thank's to Nintendo I downloaded dolphin again😍

  5. I now have the collection. My first time playing Super Mario 64 and realizing it sucks SADLY. Super Mario Sunshine I hate the entire idea of it and still haven’t played yet but I know it’s garbage. Super Mario Galaxy, my nostalgia from Wii is still the only good game in the collection.

  6. I touched sunshine on the first day I had 3D allstars… Never started it again… I hate it
    Edit: when arlo said 'it controls awesome' I had to puke. The only thing that feels good to me is walljumpi'g, wich also feels way to jank

  7. My gf played mario 64 on the ds and she is hooked.

  8. Is it me or did the 'walking in a circle' thing not happen in mario galaxy 2?

  9. I feel bad for the people who bought the collection for 60, I got it for 50🥳😎.

  10. Played all 3 of these games earlier in life, but Galaxy is the only one I actually beat before, and this review is spot on. I found stuff to enjoy in all 3 games, but of course 64 is held back by dated hardware and the fact that is was basically the first of its kind. Sunshine, on the other hand, is one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever played, I honestly don’t see myself playing it again now that I’ve beaten it. With 64 and Sunshine, I was just trying to collect what I needed to beat the game and get it over with. Galaxy is another story though, the game is even more fun than I remember it being as a kid, I’m finding myself going for ever star because I want to, and I’m having a blast. It might be the first Mario game I end up 100%ing, because ever challenge is just so clever and well designed, some are very challenging, but still fair. It really is a masterpiece of a game.

  11. Heres how i rate em

    The games? 👍
    The collection? 👎

  12. I don't see how the poison river is as hard as people say it is…i have cleared it in one try on multiple occassions

  13. B-but… I miss the waggle! (Great video btw)

  14. It sounds like he’s criticizing a platformer…… for being a platformer. “One mistake means you might have to start all over”. Yes, my guy. That’s what a lot of platformers are like. Really just sounds like he doesn’t really enjoy platformers. Very biased review.

  15. I hated how sunshine played, the controls would t work for me half the time

  16. The blue coins shines are 1 fifth of the intire game

  17. man, you hit the nail on the head with new players playing sunshine. i played it for the first time on the trilogy after having heard youtube people defend it for all this time. truly, a terrible, terrible game. been loving galaxy tho, i really enjoyed galaxy 2 when i was a kid

  18. Bet you can't get to the top of the castle cannon less first try.

  19. Am i the only one who loves mario 64's controls the most?

  20. I only brought this collection just for Galaxy alone. Couldn't care less about 64 & Sunshine honestly. Not saying there bad. But they come near the amount of good quality and polished as Galaxy 1 has and Arlos was right. Galaxy 1 was when 3D Mario games starting getting really good. Now why isn't Galaxy 2 on this collection is something we'll never know. Hopefully it'll come. But for now, Galaxy 1 is just fine enough.

  21. Super Mario 64 – 0.054 GB

    Super Mario Sunshine – 1.35 GB

    Super Mario Galaxy – 3.28 GB

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 1.4 GB

    Super Mario 3D All-Stars – 4.7 GB

    and yet no Mario Gallery 2 DLC Nintendo really hate that game XD

  22. Super Mario Sunshine's Mario slips and slides off ledges so easily it makes me wanna dropkick a baby

  23. I never had any of these games as a kid, but I am playing through 64 right now. I'm going for 100% out of pure spite. I enjoy it for the most part, but…. a lot of it is just the spite. The determination that I can defy the RIDICULOUS sudden camera angle changes while I'm trying to wall jump.

  24. So basically 64 is complete garbage unless you have nostalgia goggles.

  25. my bro basically forced me to get the collection. didn’t bother to download it though. I’ve seen him play them so many times that I’m good.

  26. I am literally attempting to beat the poison river at this very second in Sunshine and I needed an apology.

  27. i think my favorite game on here is SMG, i just recently did a full play through since i was like 7 when it first came out. it surprisingly has some difficult missions. i have about 7 more stars to go to get all 120 and hopefully i can do it in one more sitting, they’re mostly just comet stars

  28. I could listen to Galaxy music for hours

  29. Never realized it was Bob-omb,not bomb-omb lol

  30. My main frustration with the collection aside from the obvious parts you mentioned, was the fact that 64 has already been remastered for the DS and we didn't get that version. Like, seriously? A better version was already made and you gave us the unedited one? W h Y?

    That being said, I think for all the hype we deserved more extra content like concept art etc, along with some significant changes made to the games, if not for fixing the flaws at least for making them "limited edition" the way they were being promoted.

  31. The only complaint I have and that Arlo did not mention is that this has no Super Mario Galaxy 2, some people say the Galaxy 2 is worse than the first Galaxy but… I just don't see it. I think Mario Galaxy 2 is the best 3D Mario game besides Odyssey. When I played Galaxy 1, I hoped that there would be a sequel that expanded upon the entire experience. And that is EXACTLY what I got. I did complain about how I had to run around the entire Comet Observatory just to go into a level, but Galaxy 2's world map made me so happy now that I didn't have to keep going back and forth. And the new power-ups they added to Galaxy 2 were awesome. The Cloud Flower, Rock Mushroom, Spin Drill, Dash Pepper. They are all wonderful! And the biggest thing is the post game, I really did not like the post game in Galaxy 1. It was literally just the whole game again, but as Luigi. And even though I love Luigi, I just didn't enjoy it. But Galaxy 2 denied my worries cuz the post game with the Green Stars was actually pretty great, searching for them was pretty fun in it's own little way. And plus, if you beat the game, there is chance you didn't get every star. So going back to get them is also pretty fun. And finally, Grandmaster Galaxy. I know some people probably groan when they hear the name of it, but look at it this way. It's a fun post game challenge that keeps you on your toes. Sure, it can be frustrating. But trust me when I say you experienced and MAYBE casual players will have a ton of fun trying. Sorry if this was long, but I just HAD to let this all out for the Galaxy 2 haters. Cuz no matter how much you nitpick it, it's not a bad game in the slightest.

  32. only played sunshine briefly once but on emulator with keyboard so i couldn't even beat the first boss cause aiming the flood was a pain (which is werid cause i beat wind waker the same way). so after being disappointed by galaxy, i'm more excited for that now lol. much prefer sandbox styles anyway

  33. You just said that mario 64 is better than sunshine!? Unsubscribed.

  34. Ya know, I honestly don't think the watermelon stage in sunshine is too difficult. Tale the high path. Stay one to the watermelon. Spray the ducks before bringing the watermelon too close and ground pound them. Move the watermelon. Continue. On mybmost recent playtrough I did it on the first attempt.
    That said, I played this game a lot when I was younger. And the watermelon stage was quite a chore then. And oh god, I hated the Sandford stage when I was younger. So many lost lives.

  35. I never played Mario 64 back in the day

    And I could not put this game down… It was a surreal and amazing experience of a game

  36. Finally someone who isn’t nostalgia blind and recognizes Mario 64s flaws

  37. First 2 games janky controls was relatable when you complained about them
    It made me hate the games but I couldn’t hate them because they were so charming

  38. Maybe they saving it for super mario 3d super stars including Mario 3D world+bowsers fury,super mario odyssey and mario galaxy 2

  39. I need to stop writing comments before listening to all your thoughts ..
    Totally agree with your Sunshine 🌞assessment. .. I still LOVE hearing the sounds ..Even firing up the game cube sounds so awesome 🤗

  40. Galaxy is the best mario game of all time… Fun fact, its the 3rd highest rated game of all time

  41. I’ve been playing sunshine since it came out and I’ve honestly never had problems with mario controlling unpredictably or glitching through things. Neither do I find the level design to be unfair or tedious. The only exception is the pachinko level, which is optional anyway and it’s not like there aren't reliable ways of easily beating it.

    Virtually every complaint I’ve ever heard against sunshine is dramatically overstated. This is not to say that I think that the problems don’t exist, I just think they’re being exaggerated beyond their due. It’s like when people used to complain about the voice acting. I’ll grant that the voice acting is terrible, but it’s also less than 1% of the game’s content.

  42. As someone who didn't play Super Mario 64 as a kid, I really enjoy it. Not because of the platforming, but because of the atmosphere. Playing it makes me feel like I'm back playing it in the 90s. That's really what keeps me coming back to the game. If I wanted to play a good 3D platformer, I would play Galaxy. But when I want to play 64, nothing else will do.

  43. Super Mario 64 is a masterpiece.

  44. Truth is… Most mario games are overrrated.
    64? Outdated, lacks a propper camera.
    Sunshine? Beautiful and Unpolished
    Galaxy 1&2? Not even a camera, so good but the absense of an actual camera makes me wanna vomit.

    Oddyssey? 64 but they fixed the flaws.

  45. i grew up with a gamecube it was my uncles so i love legend of zelda the wind waker and super mario sunshine. and i spent many many hours playing them however although hearing that music brings back countless memories i also 100% agree sunshine was frustrating. i mean i broke my gamecube controller from squezing it to hard when i was frustrated during losing agien and agien and agien on this one level but i had to do that level cause i needed to get to later levels. sunshine is a wonderfull game that i actaully through blood sweat and tears finished and i would and have came back to it, it had a big problem with being to frustrating.

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