ALL Past 3D Mario Games Coming To The SWITCH!? 3D World, Galaxy, Sunshine, 64! (RUMOR) -

ALL Past 3D Mario Games Coming To The SWITCH!? 3D World, Galaxy, Sunshine, 64! (RUMOR)

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Super Mario 3D World Deluxe, Super Mario Galaxy Remastered, and Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 are all coming to Switch according to this rumor! There’s so much news here! Let’s discuss this MASSIVE Nintendo Rumor!!! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. At least 20% of this is so far true. They announced paper Mario: origami king!

  2. Mario Kart Double Dash Remaster would be epic

  3. I hope Nintendo will have super Mario 3D world 🌎 for the switch🤩

  4. Let’s be honest. Super mario galaxy ain’t gonna be a thing. But I think it makes sense that Nintendo would make a remaster for galaxy 1 and 2 and sunshine.

  5. I've been waiting for a Mario 64 port for a long time.

  6. The paper Mario game is already out in May 20 20

  7. I would CRY out of happiness if this actually turns out to be true.

  8. i did see that one of the tweets are true nibel made a tweet about new paper mario game in 2020 and its coming in july

  9. If they do 3D Mario remasters I hope they are all in a collection like Mario 64 sunshine galaxy and galaxy 2 in a collection but 3D world can be sold separately if it is a deluxe version which I think it is

  10. Imagine Pokemon Colosseum and XD on the switch. 🙂

  11. I wish that super Mario sunshine would come out for the switch on the 30th in this month June

  12. Right paper Mario is here now let's just wait

  13. Me sitting in my room watching this starting my ten day count down for Paper Mario the Origami King 👁👄👁

  14. A Sunshine remake/remaster is all I need in my life.

  15. This is how much times he said “oooh”


  16. I will take out a small lpan to pre order SM64 andSM sunshine. Another 2 id love to see on switch is Loz OOT. And Loz Tp. Please god. Or satan. Whoever can make this a reality

  17. I was so excited for galaxy port but how do they do the curser because galaxy has a curser witch is a big part of the game

  18. No no when I saw this video my jaw dropped to a different galaxy.

  19. At least they did add a new paper Mario installment, but I was hoping for Galaxy

  20. I think 3D land deserves to be on the switch with the rest. Tis' a good game.

  21. Hi dude are you reading this on your phone notifications

  22. It’s been five months since the rumors and now they are actually here

  23. Thomas: ALL 3D GAMES!
    Galaxy 2 and 3D Land: are Mario and bowser at the end of odyssey

  24. Wow all the games in the thumbnail are acually coming to the switch

  25. Me watching this after they announced the game trailer like 😎👅😎

  26. When you find out it actually happened 😳

  27. So funny reading this now that 3D all stars and bowser’s fury exist!

  28. I'm from the future!!!!! It did happen 👏😄👍

  29. Too bad those rumors were never true 😉

  30. “I Wake Up Every Morning And Read All Of My Comments” If thats so, then you’ve gotta reply to this Switch Stop… Pls! Also I Love Your Vids

  31. I think my ADD is on full display in this one 😂

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