9 NEW Chess Modes/Variants || AlphaZero and Vladimir Kramnik - creating3dgames.com

9 NEW Chess Modes/Variants || AlphaZero and Vladimir Kramnik

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On the rest day of the 9LX Champions Showdown from the St Louis Chess Club, GothamChess breaks down the AlphaZero new chess variants and plays a game in Torpedo mode. FULL ARTICLE + PUBLISHED PAPER BELOW.



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  1. So far I seem to be best at 3 check on Chess.com. Four player chess goes back a long way. I like chess 960 because it gets you out of a rut and atomic because I like Blondie.

  2. 4:48 I guess piece value depends on the skill of the players, right? (maybe also on personal style of play? idk) I don't think we humans can really get value off the pieces in the way alphazero does.

  3. Am i crazy? Or video really off sync with audio?

  4. Pawn retreat and torpedo are definitely the most fascinating to me out of these variants – the ones that I'd like most to see more games of. So much of chess is down to how pawn formations restrict travel across the board, and those two variants open up sweeping new horizons in pawnplay while still avoiding the (what feels like) total anarchy of pawn sidesteps.

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  6. A premove variant would be cool. Not sure how ot would work with illegal moves etc but would be interesting trying to anticipate moves and premoving to counter etc.

  7. I wish they’d look at Capablanca Chess and get into why he pushed it (more exciting, less draws). Maybe you could sometime. I was interested enough I was going to code an engine to explore it. Interestingly there’s a piece that can mate by itself.

  8. I'd rather see someone port 3D chess(Star Trek chess version) and 4D chess(you can find a guy on YouTube who made 4D chess) into online space.
    Or create different chess figures.

  9. Another new chess variant is Bollwerk 178. Very complex and very cool. It´s unique.

  10. Self-capture sounds like a very intriguing possibility indeed. I'd like to try that. I'd love it if you could do a review of Grand Chess! Here's a description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_chess [Edit: self-capture in grand, even better, perhaps]

  11. In torpedo chess en pessant should of taken place there

  12. I had these first impressions and welcome any other opinions and thoughts:

    No-castling: I know Kramnik proposed it, and maybe it could lead to less draws. Nevertheless, I feel that not enough is different, and so just play a regular game of chess… plus, it's fun to prevent your opponent from castling as part of the strategy. I heard that no castling was originally the rule, so maybe I'm leaning in favor of castling (trusting the centuries of trial and error on what's fun and interesting). Supposedly people would castle artificially before they made it an ability to do in one move. However, I do think that no-castling should be the rule in a Chess960 tournament when the Standard setup is randomly drawn (with castling allowed on the other 959 positions).

    Stalemate = win: Nigel Short exchanged a few words on Twitter, but he keeps insisting there are "beautiful" stalemate-in-12 type positions with just a king and bishop or a knight. I get what he's going for, but in a professional game, wouldn't they just resign when it's forced anyway? This proposal is not bad though, and there are definitely some "awkward" positions that, despite the winning player having a bishop and pawn vs. a lone king, would still be stalemated and drawn. Not fair! Still, in standard chess I love the idea of king opposition in certain endgames and seeing the grandmasters hunched over the table, making sure it's not a draw (whereas with Stalemate=win, they'd resign much sooner).

    Torpedo (pawns can move 1 or 2 squares at any time, and en passant could apply further up the board as well): Among the variants mentioned, this one sounded the most interesting to me. Pawns increase in value a bit and you can make some serious threats. My biggest gripe is in the end game, as a king or knight would have too much difficulty chasing it down, and the current chess has some elegant calculations because they CAN sometimes catch the passed pawns. However, semi-torpedo sounds like a great rival variant, a real proposal to change the game. Basically, you can only move 2 squares forward once per pawn just like in standard (but you can choose either 2nd or 3rd rank to make your 2-square lunge).

    Capture Anything (you can capture your own pieces) I personally do not like this much, because in my opinion variants should add nuance without ruining an aspect of the chess we love. Making "space" for your sliding pieces seems a very important, interesting aspect of chess that I wouldn't want to lose. Also, I guess there wouldn't be "good bishops" and "bad bishops" or pawn structure discussions any more? I'm sure there are some fun sacrifices that could lead to checkmate, but if I saw it happen a lot I'd just shrug it off like "yeah they were unencumbered and had enough pieces aimed in the king's general direction…" Maybe I haven't played it enough, or maybe someone got tired of smothered mates!

    Sideways Pawns: similar to Capture Anything, I'm sure we'll get less draws here which is beneficial. It'd be fun to try a "locked up/closed" drawish position. However, you may lose the theory of pawn structure, doubled pawns and such. (same with "good" and "bad" bishops).

    In conclusion, Semi-Torpedo, while very subtle, sounds like the best proposal among these mentioned, to improve the game… something I'd like to see professionals try.

  13. I think the update jokes are getting serious right now👍

  14. Atomic is cool, needs completely different tactics

  15. I think the self capture variant is not that good because it will make chess so much easy for example you can't trick you opp and so many chake mates will no more exist if you know what i mean , but the torpedovariant where pawns can move 2 squares forward any time and many en passant ideas hmmm thats kinda interesting .

  16. I want chess where every piece can promote just like shogi, except queen and king

  17. They should make a variant where the moves e3, e6, Ke2, Ke7 are already played

  18. Check out the Jarl board game. Way better and more complex than chess.

  19. they should've made a variant in which the queen can also move as a knight

  20. knight in classical: haha pawn, you are noobs
    knight in side way pawn: why pawn is better?

  21. I’ve made a chess variant and I’d like you to make a video on it

  22. Very first example black could and should respond with en pissant

  23. Far too many ppl have never heard of Dark Crazy Screen chess; where you can set up your army of pieces wherever you like in your half of the chessboard, and your opponents pieces locations are hidden until one of your pieces threatens its attack square. It's like a great combination of Chess with Stratego. I wanna see Chess.com adapt and implement it.

  24. Just gave this a rewatch as I am getting into variants. Amazing what 8 months can do, Mr. 1 Million subs. 🙂

  25. A variant where a queen could move like a knight would be very interesting

  26. 6:55 how about bxd7 then if Knight takes the pawn will move two squares and fork the Bishop and the Knight

  27. 2:08 b6 is actually a terrible move… Black is still winning. Google en passant 😂

  28. I think I'd like to see a "tackle pawn" mode, where pawns can attack forward in a sense. You can use a move to stun a piece in front of your pawn. It will not be able to move for your opponent's next two turns, or possibly just one.

  29. When you realize a British guy name is indian (Gotham) proud to be Indian

  30. I think chess.com should also introduce the Spartan chess variant, it is hard but it completely changes the play style.

  31. In torpedo chess whats the rule on en passanting pawns that already promoted

  32. Wat if there was a girafe piece?
    It would kill like a rook,but move like a king,and its kill would not need it to move. Basicaly, swing neck.

    Wat if there was a zebra?
    Zebra would be able to move like a queen,even jumping pieces,but can only kill like a king. And can jump one piece only, so a 2 piece wall would stop it.

    A crossbow piece?
    Cant move but can kill like a horse.

    Tho, youd need more space for that amount of pieces… So would it be 16×16??

    Interesting things to think about.

  33. 4 player opens up a huge set of possibility and I don't think we have scratched the surface.

  34. I can’t play normal Chess worth a damn … so I’m watching this after a video on how to play Shogi … 👍🏼😎👍🏼😏

  35. My favorite chess variant in general is Fog of War. It's just so different from regular chess, yet exactly the same.

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