67,325 People voted on the Hardest 3D Mario Level. Here’s what they picked... - creating3dgames.com

67,325 People voted on the Hardest 3D Mario Level. Here’s what they picked…

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What is the hardest 3D Super Mario level? Well, I polled the internet and this is what they chose. In today’s video Darker Side from Super Mario Odyssey, Special 8 Crown from Super Mario 3D Land, Grandmaster Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Champion’s Road from Super Mario 3D World battle it out for the top hardest level in the 3D Mario games. Which one do you think is most difficult?

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  1. lillypad level is probably the one that traumatised me most especially with what you gotta do if you game over, thank goodness i learned the glitch to make that easier

  2. For me it’s the Champions Road course. If you don’t have a power up for the final dash section it’s almost impossible

  3. Hey Swanky box I wanted to ask you if you can make a Zardy maze game on mobile?

  4. Beat special 8-crown first try, havent played galaxy yet, champions road was extremely difficult, and darker side was only hard on the first few tries

  5. Fun Fact: At the very end of The Perfect Run, if you walk behind the house you’ll find a 1-UP.

  6. I definitely remember the 3d land one taking me forever for some reason, but that was back when I was like 10 so uhhhhh I would have to revisit it for sure to see if it's not as bad as I remember. I do think it's unfair to consider the daredevil comet since all the other levels don't have that treatment, but at the same time, it's the final challenge in the game, so I guess you should count it. Champions road was really hard on wii u, and I think it's possible the switch made it easier? But I'm not sure since I haven't done it on switch yet. Also having multiple players on that level makes it so much easier since you get to respawn. And yeah odyssey was really easy, just long. (pachinko and poison river from sunshine aren't even that bad guys)

  7. The hardest level is Mario 3D world Wii U
    The switch one is easier

  8. Nah 8-crown is harder than champions road and if that isn’t the case darker side should be 2nd rather than champions road but perfect run deserves first

  9. Captain toad's levels because i have to use my brain in 'em

  10. Either The Perfect Run or Purple Coins in the Bone Pen for me

  11. Darker Side is the easiest for one reason alone…

    F R O G

  12. Okay, okay, everyone has different opinions, but I know we can all agree on a level: The Pachinko level from Sunshine.

  13. It makes sense to only vote on normal grandmaster galaxy. The comet difficulty is artificial and the galaxy must be completed normally first anyway.

    It would be a waste of time to apply a 1HP/completionist rule to all the other levels as well

  14. I don’t really remember how hard Darker Side was, since you got all those healing opportunities. And the 3D Land level I never played, since I didn’t have the drive to 100% that one.

    As for the other two: I’d say Champion’s Road is the most difficult by default. Grandmaster Galaxy actually wasn’t too hard in the normal run. But the Daredevil one was where the real challenge was.
    But for Champion’s Road; it was brutal no matter what. Even with the optimal character/item combinations, it was still a major challenge.

  15. The only one of these that I actually got to is Darker Side
    And it's one of my favorite levels in the game (it can be cheesed with the Glidon trick)

  16. As someone who has played all 4, champion's road is easily the hardest, especially when you exclude the multiplayer cheese I usually use since I play with my siblings. Champion's road has several sections that force you to keep moving, which makes precise platforming very hard. On the other hand, the only parts of the perfect run that force you to go fast are the ? panel and the flip-swap platform parts, and the ? panel part is a complete pushover. the flip-swap part is one of the hardest parts, but a large portion can also be skipped with a cloud flower from the previous area.

  17. I think champion's road is 10x harder than the perfect run I had to hire my brother to help me beat it and it still took a long time, whereas the perfect run took me about an hour. Also, I feel that the controls of Galaxy are much more free when compared to 3d world

  18. Special 8-crown is made pretty easy with the stone tanooki suit. You can just sit through the fire bar section and overall the platforming is made much easier

  19. The Perfect Run/GrandMaster Galaxy is the hardest and here’s why:

    -Must best EVERY LEVEL/WORLD in the game
    -And After you beat every LEVEL/WORLD u have to collect green stars 😡
    -Once You Do that you have to beat EVERY level in “WORLD S” which has the HARDEST levels in the game and collect green starts for it.
    -Collect EVERY Comet Medal
    -Collect 9999 Starbits 😳
    -You have to beat GrandMaster Galaxy in order unlock The Perfect Run which is already hard enough
    -Once you beat GrandMaster u FINALLY unlock the Perfect Run which is Grand Master Galaxy but on steroids.
    -You can’t take ANY damage or you’ll die and have to start ALL OVER
    -And unlike all these other level u get NO POWER-UPS, u only get cloud flower which is used as a level mechanic instead of helping u,
    -In Odyssey u get 6-Life Power-Ups, In 3D WORLD/Land U get Power-ups like Tanooki, Boomerang, Star Power, Fireflower, and more, Which will actually help you.

    If ANYONE want to change my mind, GO RIGHT AHEAD!!

  20. The Perfect Run is definitely the hardest
    3D Land was a bit difficult because of the controls
    I've beaten Champion's Road with all 5 characters and no power ups and it was a breeze
    Darker Side holds your hand

  21. How about some custom 3d mario games? Like Super Mario 64 Land. It is really cool and also difficult.

  22. And that's why dying over and over again just to beat the game will always be one of my Pixel Portals.

  23. suprised the break the garbage within the time limit star in mario galaxy wasent in the list, not even joking it took me 5 hours straight of just playing it as a kid to beat it

  24. Darker side is actually not that difficult

  25. Dunno about hardest, but the ones that made me wanna burn the console the most was those levels in sunshine where you don't have fludd

  26. The hardest for me may be surprising but it’s the Mario 3D world world crown mystery house

  27. Champions Road will always be the nastiest stage they have created. I've beaten the Perfect Run multiple times over but I've only beaten champions road twice. (In single player not dragging alone dumb CPUs to stick on the flagpole)

  28. I find Champion's Road fairly easy. I have practiced it a lot. Doing it with Toad, without power-ups, is the only actual challenge I find from it. His short jumps make it extremely difficult to make the jumps from the dash panels before the key-coin section.

    From a completionist point a view, doing the level with each character isn't too difficult when you use power-ups.

    No damage isn't even that hard either. There's only a couple sections when you actually have to focus on not taking damage. If you start small, your hitbox is lower, making some sections easier.

    The Perfect Run of Grandmaster Galaxy is actually difficult.

    The controls are more limited, and the sections are more difficult than Champion's Road.

    Especially the last section. The level is longer, and it is a requirement to not take damage.

    The Darker Side is also difficult. While it does reward you with extra health, it makes the level longer and harder. The section right before the Bowser part is extremely hard. No damage for that stage requires extreme skill, and precision.

    The Special 8-Crown of 3D Land is difficult, but not as much as the others. Without the tanooki suit, it does become harder. Doing it no damage is fairly hard, since there are 2 bosses in the same room, and there are some difficult parts.

    The lily pad stage from Sunshine is more annoying than difficult. If you miss a red coin (which is very easy to do so), you can try to re-grab it by standing on the edge, and using fludd to barely suspend you above the poisonous water. It is difficult to do this. The game makes it very difficult to get many lives, so if you game over, you have to redo the long, tedious ride to the island on Yoshi.

    The pachinko machine stage was a bit tedious, but I did not find it difficult. Fludd helps you to get into each hole, and you have to be unlucky to die. Overall, not too hard. It is kind of tedious to get back to it if you game over. But on no scale comparable to the lily pad.

    The chuckster level isn't too hard if you know how the gimmick works. The red coin challenge in the level is annoying, and definitely makes it harder from a completionist point of view.

    Ranking these 7 in terms of difficulty.

    7 – Pachinko Machine
    6 – Chuckster level
    5 – Lily Pad stage
    4 – Special 8-Crown from 3D Land
    3 – Champion's Road
    2 – Darker Side
    1 – Grandmaster Galaxy

  29. I agree with grand master galaxy being 1st place because I died 3600 times on it

  30. I gotta be honest, after i realized how EASY champions road actually is, due to exploiting the wall jumps and waiting for a good cycle AND just realizing you dont have to do everything in one swipe of a section, champions road is only three rooms long. It remembered it being hard, but that was probably because i considered it one of the “final mario” levels and those were always difficult. But yeah! Champions road is way easier now

  31. For me personally I find that Champions Road is a lot harder because if you try to complete it with all 5 characters it’s really hard and going into The Perfect Run was a lot easier because I already knew most of the tricks to getting to the same place consistently and when going against the final hammer bros/ boomerang bros I found a really easy strategy when you’re at the final boomerang bros just crouch walk and spin attack when you get near then because when they throw their boomerangs they can’t hit you because you’re just out of its reach.

  32. 4:35 Mario Obyssey

    I know it was just a mistake, but man I might start calling it that as a joke.

  33. I only ever played 3d world so… champions road

  34. For me, it's Stonecyclone Galaxy. Every obstacle kills you in one hit.

  35. What about the impossible pack from NSMB2?

  36. Grandmaster galaxy is definitely the hardest, took me years to beat it

  37. Meh, purple commet on toy galaxy is harder

  38. I wish Nintendo would release a 3D mario with constant high difficulty like these levels have

  39. Champions road is only hard when you panic, I got pretty at with Luigi and only die when panicking at the end

  40. Champion's Road would be slightly ahead of Grand Master Galaxy, if it weren't for The Perfect Run. I think both are pretty comparable in difficult, with Champion's Road having a slight edge, but I count The Perfect Run as a level in itself. The argument that it would count as a completionists goal doesn't really hold up imo. Grand Master Galaxy is a completionist goal! You need all 120 Power Stars and all 120 Green Stars to even get to Grand Master Galaxy! And to unlock The Perfect Run, you also need to collect the Comet Coin and max out your Star Bit account so it even appears. Also it isn't just taking no damage to beat. I believe there is one additional section added, some sections were slightly altered and all Checkpoints are removed! At this point I would countbit a whole different Level!

    And the argument for beating Champion's Road with all 5 characters: You can technically cheese this and only play the level twice by spawning in more players at the end of the level. Even if you don't have the controllers needed for this, the Level itself doesn't get harder. You just have to get used to the Character. You still know the layout of the level.

  41. I'm really surprised that the number 1 isn't from Mario Sunshine. To me this whole game is undoubtedly the hardest Mario game ever. I actually never finished it.

  42. The hardest 3D Mario level I have played is grumblump inferno

  43. What about Super Mario 64? (N64) the controls are jank the camera is jank and half the levels are too?

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