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5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel – Yes, Seriously

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5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel – yes that is the actual name of the game. We’re skipping past 3D chess and 4D chess for the ultimate big brained game. Move your pieces back in time to create a diverging parallel timeline, then move your pieces into that. What could possibly go wrong?
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5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel is generalized from ordinary chess. There are two spatial dimensions, a third unused spatial dimension, a fourth dimension representing time, and a fifth dimension representing parallel timelines. When pieces travel to the past, paradoxes are avoided by using a branching timeline system. Capture a king to win!

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  1. i love it when you thinka a game will go on for a while but then the next turn you get check mated 4 times in one move

  2. dude I'm literally watching him explain this and I feel like he's doing a good job but I am just not getting this at all

  3. That's it, we did it. We have invented something more complex than women

  4. "Are ya winning son?"
    "I took the win 3 years later"

  5. After 4500 years
    It got an update

  6. This video makes me sad. Here I was being mediocre in peace and now I'm mediocre in shame.

  7. Wish i can play on ipad so i can hurt my brain so bad i become a mother after 7 PM with there headaches.

  8. This is the biggest nerd shit I have ever heard coming out of a human beings mouth

  9. tHe cLassIc tWo diMensIonS uP oNe dImenSioN to ThE sIde mOvE

  10. Your brain has to be more wrinkleierreer than a rasin to understand this.

  11. Earl C. Kelley – “We have not succeeded in answering all our problems. The answers we have found only serve to raise a whole set of new questions. In some ways we feel we are as confused as ever, but we believe we are confused on a higher level and about more important things.”

  12. As someone who has never played chess, this is the greatest game to ever exist

  13. Thank you this is super cool. Randomly thinking about spock and 3D chess and elon musk tweets brought me here.

  14. I don't even know chess logic, and you are showing me chess multiverse time travel

  15. This game is the dictionary definition, of an acid trip.

  16. I only need to operate the steam market to get a roughly a dollar or more, but if I buy this I will be confused, and if I do learn this, I will be legally on another level of 'I have outsmarted you'

  17. I hate that I'm understanding this god awful game

  18. This makes me wanna learn regular ches. Then 3d chess. Then 4d chess. Then 5d chess.

  19. Now I want to see checkers with alternate dimensions. It’s like normal checkers,but every move you make creates a separate board representing the opposite of the move either player makes. You can act upon these boards,but due to the nature of opposite moves paradoxes might be created;this either ends the alternative board or causes it to split into even more boards.

  20. Enemy: moves rook
    Me: activates quantum position
    Enemy: activates Golden experience requiem
    Me: knowing I won anyway sence quantum position makes me win and lose at the same time and that I skipped to the demention where I won

  21. This game is what Christopher Nolan thinks his movies are

  22. Now they have to put a mechanic named “Za Warudo” where you can stop time and make three moves

  23. Wheres the comment saying

    Your watching 4 dimensional chess
    With a 3 dimensional phone
    On a 2 dimensional screen

    wItH yOuR 1 dImEnSiOnAl bRaIn

  24. Played this because I was looking for something easier than getting top 1% in Poly Bridge.
    Edit: This is not a tutorial. If you clicked on this video expecting a tutorial for this game, I would suggest you watch my other video on this instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFppI9yej40

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