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5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel: The Terminator Gambit (Video Game Review)

Oliver Lugg
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In which I mess with the fabric of reality.

A third video essay. And this time it’s for a vaguely current thing! Huzzah!

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5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel is a brain-wrinkling experiment in making a stupid idea into a genius end product. In this video, I try to teach you how it works, analyse its shortcomings, and compare it to about seven different time travel films.

Once again, I hate my voice, and I only realised after completing recording that I’d allowed my microphone to clip in a few too many places. The actual video editing is pretty swish now though.

0:00 Intro
3:19 Part I: Time Travel 101
9:46 Part II: Multi-Dimensional Drifting
15:15 Part III: Pieces in Our Time
23:40 Part IV: The Fault in Our Hypercubes
29:30 Part V: The Terminator Gambit
34:54 Credits





500 IQ Four Dimensional Checkmate

5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel Trailer
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Avengers: Endgame
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Back to the Future
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Back to the Future Part III
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Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead


Groundhog Day
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Hikaru Plays 5D Chess For The First Time

Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Trailer
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ParaWorld Opening Cutscene

ParaWorld: Was My Childhood a Lie? (Video Game Review)
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Pug Vibing To Sh Boom But With Google Images
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Rick and Morty: Rattlestar Ricklactica
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Terminator 2: Judgement Day
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Terminator [Games] Evolution: (1991-2015)
The Krypt

TERMINATOR RESISTANCE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD PS4 PRO] – No Commentary

VHS Rewind Effect – 4K Green screen FREE high quality effects
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World New Chess Championship

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind



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  1. Can you please make a video where you calculate how many different possible game states there are in 5D chess?

  2. Bro what the fuck are you even talking about? lmaooo

  3. When will they release 3d 5th detementional chess?

  4. This is 5D chess. 4D chess would only be moving pieces through a single timeline. Pieces must move through the fifth dimension to access other 4D timelines

  5. But is it actually 5 dimensional. Like regular chess is 2 dimensional because you can't change the levels you play on. Likeyou can only move in cardinal directions not up or down

  6. 4:25 3 dimensions of movement actually. The game completely skips the third dimension.

  7. 5 point attack queen from 5 diferent dimensions to the same king

  8. the 5th dimension is the super time. being able to see time over time. this game is indeed a 5d representation

  9. No one understands primer, just enjoi it for what it is, its like love.

  10. That was far more interesting and entertaining than I expected it to be. Primer is hard to follow, even when you've had it explained. Good film.

  11. to speak to your content not being "engaging enough", this actually fits into the HELP third of the channel-building HERO/HELP/HUB formula 🙂

    fascinating video! thanks so much, 8 feel like i understand 5d chess a little better now

  12. Finally, Chess DLC after so many years since last update

  13. Me: Hey, this seems like a lot of fun, maybe I'll go and download-
    Chess Grand Master: Visible and Audible Confusion
    Me: Okay, yeah, maybe we wait on this one

  14. This looks absolutely hilarious and fun at the same time. It's like I'm conquering multiples of the same planet.

  15. Ah yes the first two terminator films. What an amazing trilogy.


  17. The terminator gambit scene is so dramatic, i've got goosebumps

  18. This is best game idea ever. Too bad I will never be able to understand Primer

  19. so
    why the 3 minute intro? it was really long and did very little to actually establish what you were talking about. I was kind of bored by the end of it, which is a shame since the idea of a video essay on 5D chess sounds interesting, granted that the narrator doesn't go on completely tangential rants that don't actually contribute to the video every 20 seconds.

  20. U have broken my brain I'm kind of glad time traveling doesn't exist

  21. That joke at around 1:00 where the marketing guy goes “something goes wrong” and at the same time the opponent forks your king and queen. Beautiful.

  22. Hi, I'm from the future year of 2021, and I can explain why it is actually 5D chess and not 4D chess.

    You have your normal 3d chess board, and each turn is a movement in the 4th dimension of the game.
    Each time you move to a parallel world with a present in the your past, you are moving along the 5th dimension.

    Thank you for your *time*, heh.

  23. Thunkspace be like
    "Yeah its big brain time"

  24. ok wait,

    if it was 5D, a being in that universe would only be able to "move" within the 4 dimensions, right?

    a being in a 2D world only perceives in 1D, just like we, 3D beings only see in 2D

    so, being that we would be a creature existing in a 5D world, we would be able to perceive all the 4D movements we could make.


    the 4 dimensions would be forward in time, back in time, and split up & down from that line.

    so would the 5th dimension in this sense be the plane we occupy but cannot move through? the birds-eye view?

  25. Dad- Are ya winning son?
    Me- You're feeble mind could not possibly comprehend the truth.

  26. I got to say though, the one terminator game that was quite fun was the arcade version or terminator. That was a blast with a friend.

  27. The timecake is a lie/truth/meme/Sarah Conner/squid.

  28. Now we need to see 5D Bughouse with multidimensional time travel. I am sure this would explode your brain

  29. I wanna make a Self Learning AI and throw it at this game to see what it can do.

  30. Thank you for putting the music in the description. When the Lego Chess theme started playing, I was hit by an intense wave of nostalgia that I couldn't place.

  31. Corrections:

    13:37 – Moving the present prevents checkmate because it stops your opponent moving from a now future board to make the winning move. This is because you don’t have to move those boards forward anymore (as they aren’t in the present), and it won’t be your opponent’s turn on those boards until you do.
    14:26 – You only win if your opponent is in check when this happens. Otherwise it’s a stalemate.
    28:19 – Time travelling benefits your opponent because you're giving them an effectively free turn on the (future) timeline from which you've removed your own piece.

    Regarding the 5D/4D debate, I made a video dedicated to figuring it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhbwAu-9EX8

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