5D CHESS after 3D BEERS: what could go wrong... - creating3dgames.com

5D CHESS after 3D BEERS: what could go wrong…

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  1. she acts like a heavily handicapped 800 rated person on the chesscom, so cringe

  2. "How high was this developer?' I know right?! ^^^

  3. "Dude, how high was this game developer?"

    Just the right amount of high. This is brilliant.

  4. If I didn't took linear algebra or calc3, I wouldn't be able to grasp the concept down like her. Then I start thinking of time as the z axis, made everything a piece of cake.

  5. you dont need to see B3 with the knight because you only need to mate one king that can be any king at any point in time. The knight could take a king by moving back in time one turn and movie up two spaces. They can't move that king out of the way because the past can't be changed.

  6. "This looks like a normal game to me"

    Meanwhile the 5d board: Cthulhu Fhtagn

  7. Bruh she went so brain dead when the multiverse snorted it's way in.

  8. 6:28 had same thought! (and i later realised why move is illegal)

  9. "What kind of beer is it?"

    me: O_O I know that voice…I haven't heard it since they nerfed the Infestor…

  10. They were so high writing the rules that they put grammar errors in too

  11. It's adorable that she thinks that there's more then one board~

  12. cool game. only problem is that it is 4D, not 5D. name is a lie

  13. When you realize that all this Relativity bullsh*t is food for morons.

  14. Up to this point 5D chess has defeated both Hikaru and Alexandra who's gonna be next?

  15. It only took watching you for 10 minutes to figure it out. It isn't actually that complicated/ complex, well, to understand the mechanic. Playing it competitively or competently on the other hand.

    I tried watching a few minutes of Hikaru but him constantly acting like he understood then completely missing the point just distracted from trying to watch someone play so I could discern what was happening. So thanks for that.

  16. 11:58 you read that out of order.

    First the rook created another alternative timeline by jumping into the past. The king being under threat from the additional rook in the new alternative past jumped into the main timelines "future" leaving both rooks in the alternative timelines past.

  17. Oh and just a tip Alex, the boards are bordered with the colours of what ever sides colour played in that frame. When you are taking your move the ones with a thick border are ones with available move (I think). That and they alternate so you will only ever be able to play alternative vertical slices with available moves.

  18. the knight can choose two directions. in the mate it can move two squares up and one move back in time and check the past king. any check back in time wins the game bc you cant change the past

  19. You're doing great in 5D chess. 🙂
    Oh, and if it's any comfort, some of the best chess players in the world has tried this and honestly they did way worse then you att getting this, despite being 100% sober.

  20. The problem is she doesn't realize that you can actually take the king in the past by moving into a space where it was in the past. Since this would instantly kill the king, it's checkmate.

  21. An actual chess player playing 5D for the first time: he's in check; that's good, right???

  22. I finally understand how to play chess better than one of the greatest modern chess players.
    115hrs in 5D chess on steam has come in handy for bragging rights.

  23. The knight is so dumb, apparently when there is another direction i.d time in can move two spaces up/down/left/right and it's 3rd move will be in the time direction. Normally the third move will be an L in 2d . The reason the King cannot go to d3 is because the knight has checkmate in the past already.

  24. 13:08 So the black king had a move in the branch present, and he made a move from branch timeline to main timeline, without going through time, right?

  25. 17:19 the rook in lower timeline defend the rook in upper so its a checkmate

  26. Trump developed this but forgot how it worked and now we have the Grandpa lul42069

  27. I think being good at chess is actually a disadvantage in this game. I don’t play chess and I found some of the things she struggled to grasp pretty obvious.

  28. When you are too drunk to notice the green markings on the present and past boards that tell you where your pieces can be placed

  29. I’m too intellectually stunted to even begin to understand this

  30. the thing that no one was telling her at the end was that pieces couldn't move when they're in the past.

  31. You need A LOT of beer if you wanna start time travelin

  32. this is actually a really cool game, its a shame that the game does a really terrible job of explaining itself

  33. You did well (3D chess really help understanding 5D)

  34. Yea I have no idea on that last puzzle

  35. It should be 6D chess because 5D is just parallel universe 6D is anytime time in the timeline in any parallel universe in the same initial superposition

  36. I feel like to win this game, you need at least one infinity stone

  37. For that last problem, you have to redefine the way you think of the knight. The rules for the knight are, as we know, 'one tile along one axis, two tiles along a different axis'. In 2d chess, we have 2 axes, but in 5d chess, with the addition of time travel and parallel universes, we have 4 axes. This means the knight can move 2 tiles forward and 1 turn into the past, which is how the last problem is solved, since the knight can take the king 1 turn in the past by moving two tiles forward and one into the past.

  38. the problem is that you are not thinking of time as another direction, orthogonal to the two usual dimensions. Pieces move in time as part of their possible movement.

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