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5 Mario Games on Non-Nintendo Platforms | Nintendrew

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As Nintendo’s flagship mascot, Mario is most often found at home on Nintendo consoles. But did you know our favorite plumber has also starred in a multitude of titles for non-Nintendo platforms? In this video, we’ll take a look a 5 fully-licensed Mario titles which were released outside of Nintendo’s system lineup. Thanks for watching!


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  1. And, Nintendrew, you can’t forget…


  2. Mario is Missing. When you ask strangers, its kinda like Sonic Unleashed

  3. I don't know if these count but there was also "Mario kart tour" that came out for mobile
    and also "super Mario run" witch came out for mobile

  4. Why on the game cover does it say: ages 6-101…?

  5. The first game I played was on the Atari but I was born in 2001 because my grandma and grandpa got a Atari for my mom

  6. wait….so mario was originally blue?

  7. My potato pc can’t handle those games tbh

  8. The fact that Interplay is one a couple of these games is crazy to me… like from the creators of Fallout, Mario games

  9. Fun fact Mario bros was on Atari because Mario bros is a arcade machine and Atari 2600 Is A Home Arcade Machine

  10. Missed a huge opportunity to have the intro have you turn off the NES and take out the cartridge, lol

  11. nobody:
    not even dollar store mike wazouski:
    me: cassually rocking out to the intro

  12. Why is Toad at 0:57 look like Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies?

  13. Mario Bros, Ms Pac-Man, and Dig Dug for Atari 2600 were my first video games. Got all 3 with the console.

  14. 5:10

    Wait. So your telling me that in one of the James Bond spoof episodes of American Dad, they stole Bowsers plan.

  15. Mario is missing is the origin of Weegee.

  16. look, if your pc is less powerful than an nes, that's just sad…

  17. I hope Mario games come out for PlayStation and Xbox consoles

  18. 4:45 Why is Luigi's walking animation so smooth for a game made in 1993?

  19. I really wish that Super Mario Bros. Special will be turned into a romhack of the original SMB

  20. When mario said Giovanni
    Giovanni who
    I thaught it was gonna say Giovanni giorgio

  21. To this day I still play go fish with mario in Mario's game gallery…

  22. 3:36 If someone reworked it so it didn't have to run on an emulator, but instead windows (windows nested nature should make is easier to port to than other OSs) having full access to the processing power of a modern computer should fix most of the bugs? Then with alternate restored color platete sprites, I think this version of the game would find even more popularity among the sadistically hard platformer crowd.

  23. You know you’re a pro gamer when you have TWO gameboy advance’s.

  24. As of the timing of this comment, Mario/Jump Man is now 40.

  25. Listen when I say this…. Mario teaches typing was low key FIRE. We had a Macintosh in the living room and only had 3 games for it. This was one of them and I don't think it ever occurred to me that it was educational. The Mechanics felt so organic and it was so challenging and seeing the cool Mario characters on the computer felt so damn cool.

  26. If Mario Brothers for the Atari 2600 beat the Famicom version to retail, it was by days and weeks at best. In the early 80s a magazine that focused on adventure games on the Apple II and Atari 800, called bafflingly St. Game (Saint Game?) had a small news item about arcade company Nintendo getting into the home console business. This was especially notable since the console market in the US had recently crashed and burned. So somebody preparing to launch a new console was surprising. (The 7800 was apparently in limbo and wouldn't launch for several years after its intended year.) The picture accompanying the article showed the Famicom and the TV connected was running Mario Brothers. The hardware and games wouldn't appear in the US for another three years but was already becoming the dominant platform in Japan.

    One of the best versions of Mario Brothers was on the Atari 800. The problem was you couldn't buy it. The game leaked out and everybody was impressed with its quality at capturing the arcade look and feel. The issue holding it up was that the game was 20KB, when the standard for Atari 800 (and 5200) ROMs was 16KB or less. A 20K cartridge required a bank switching circuit and would be a bit more costly to produce than the normal game cart. The 2600 was designed to have 4K max ROMs but a bank switching technique was invented by Ron Fulop to make Missile Command possible and became common, allowing games as large as a once unimaginable 64K! The 800 computer had two assigned blocks of 8K for ROM to overlay and utilizing the same bank switching technique enabled much larger games like Bounty Bob Strike Back. The Atari 800 version of Mario Brothers was finally released on the XEGS, a console that used the same chip set from the Atari 8-bit computers and 5200 console. There was also a version for the Atari 7800 but it was surprisingly not as good, making poor use of the hardware's advantages.

  27. Mario Teaches Typing I learned how to type up to 75 words per min. THANK YOU MARIO!

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