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3D XYZ Chess-How to Play START

Rick Hewson
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In the first part, I talk about a cube versus a square. Moving straight and diagonal with traveling pieces, mentioning the center region.
A “how to play chess inside the 3D XYZ Chess cube played cube to cube inside a large Rubik’s cube. This 4x4x4 region has the same array of chess pieces. Now played cube to cube allowing new comers to pioneer their own opening patterns as Classic Chess openings have all been discovered. Many games who call themselves 3D Chess are merely chess on two levels while this game is truly 3 dimensional played in the same time frame as Classic Chess. This is Star Trek’s game perfected1


  1. This is great! If only you can create a digital version!!

  2. In the first video I talk about a cube versus a square, traveling pieces mentioning the center region.

  3. I think my toaster can act better…but he has got it beat at being a robot

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