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3D Trick Art on Paper, Floating chess

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Cool Trick Art Drawing 3D on paper – Anamorphic illusion – Draw step by step.
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Truque Arte Desenho 3D em papel- Ilusão Ótica – Desenho passo a passo.
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Material used:
Paper A4 180g
Graphit and dry pastel pencil

Materiais usados:
Papel A4 180g
Lápis de carvão e de pastel seco


  1. Супер 👏 круто. Лайк за объёмное творчество

  2. 3D изображение – круто!

  3. Damn… can't snap out of it…… stupid eyes…..

  4. +1 for the sound effects at the end

  5. Asli joosss…karyanya mas brow

  6. Who are these 5k ppl who don't like this????
    The title forced me to watch this. Outstanding work.

  7. မီးအလင်းရောင်လာတဲ့ဘက်နဲ့အရိပ်ကျရမယ့်ဘက်လွဲနေသလားလို့

  8. A Cruz Revela Seu Amor. já falou com Deus hoje? says:

    completely amazing when i saw the final result i was shocked

  9. Like a lot this kind of stuff, like those odd rooms, where things in front of back wall appear small on a side, and big on the opposite


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  12. Desenhar&movimentrar – cinearte

  13. Wow,you have to see it before you put a pencil to paper,,, you must be a genius,,,the greatest artists saw and could convey geometrics ,,,Its been fun ,,,!!!

  14. 10-10 mandame el abcedario completo sabes me gusta mucho dibujar pero nunca tube tiempo de aprender gracias y adelante

  15. Incredibile, straordinario!👏👏👏

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  17. You're so cool. You're so cool.🤩🤩😍💓

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