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3D Printing a Complete Chess Set

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I saw a post on Reddit a while back where someone had printed a chess set for their brother and it looked awesome! I had to give it a go. So that is what I did. It took somewhere in the region of 60 hours total but it came out really well.

The filaments I used where Silk Silver PLA by Steadytech (which always looked white to me) and Silk Gold by Eryone.

The original Reddit post:
The Chess Board:
The Pieces:

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  1. For your printing time-lapses, How do you coordinate the camera shot to be when the printer head is on the side? I think it creates a really cool "ghost printing" effect but I don't know how you do it. Thanks!

  2. Very beautiful and interesting maybe will give it a try myself.

  3. Hey cool, thats my chess board that you linked to for your inspiration! My brother who made mine found your video. Yours looks great, and thanks for leaving the link!

  4. How do you find your new prusa 3d print quality compared to your old flashforge finder?

  5. Bruh the white square has got to be on the right hand side. Changes the whole game

  6. beautiful! .. nit to pick, white square on lower right for PROPER board setup

  7. This and some drinking accessory dohickie would be my first use of home version 3-d printer, because they're practical too. Maybe an internet meme inspired chess set

  8. This was cool and thanks for sharing. I'm currently printing the exact same board, a little larger though. For the pieces I selected similar designed "twist" pieces. The rook is really cool because it has a spiral stairway on the inside. Only real difference is mine is being resin printed.

  9. Hi ! Can you say how many pieces should i print for each type

  10. Question.. In materials alone.. How much is the cost to make the whole set?

  11. How long does it take to print the chess board?

  12. I love the way the head isn’t picked up on the vid and gives the impression they are growing! 👍🏻

  13. Can you print really intricate ones? Like those antiques/ancient Egyptian/ Maharajah design ones?

  14. is the cost for parts expensive to build the set expensive?

  15. Wasn't "the white square to the right side"?

  16. Set up wrong, there’s always suppose to be a white square to your left no matter if you’re white or black.

  17. How much did it cost? And can you recommend me a sick printer that isnt too expensive?

  18. You should have took advantage of the ability to print extra queen's and rooks and things
    Incase you get a pawn two the end and you've already got a piece in play

    Usally when you buy them you only get the default amount of pieces

  19. Always have a white square end of your right

  20. How much plastic did you use for just the board?

  21. Dunno about you guys, but i see them black and blue

  22. I love the functionality of the board, but I don’t like how it looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

  23. The gold and white look SOOOO nice!! It gives that clean royalty vibe

  24. Very cool.
    Remember, white square is always on the right, while setting up the board.
    Otherwise, my favorite aspect is the knights! Looks great!

  25. Where is the link to download the chess board to 3d print?

  26. Did you scale anything down or up to make the board and pieces match?

  27. Lol I’m printing those same chess pieces right now 😂

  28. What infill pattern is that? It looks ideal for the entire structure and im curious

  29. Black/dark square is ALWAYS to the lower left.

  30. Do you know where I can files Stl files for throne of kings chess set to 3d print

  31. who is gonna tell him that black is supposed to be all the way to the left so white is actually black and gold is white

  32. Ahmad Irwan Syazmeil Ahmad Kameil Muzzameil says:

    I'm curious about the weight of an individual piece, I would like it to be a little heavier, is it good to hold bro? Beautiful artwork btw ✨

  33. Is someone not going to point out out that this person doesn't know the placement of a king and a queen on the chess board. Like come on, investing in so much money on a project and you don't even know how to place the pieces properly. Could've looked it up on the internet and also the lower right square of the board has to be white colored.

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