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3D Printed Chess Set for Vintage Chessboard Restoration

Rescue & Restore
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Tools & Equipment:
Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer:
Amana Tool – (RC-2255):
Rust-Oleum Parks Super Glaze Epoxy:
Disposable Measuring Cups for Resin:
1.5 Gallon SlickVacSeal Vacuum Chamber:
Black Adhesive Back Felt Sheets:
Starbond EM-02 CA Super Glue:

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Special thanks to BigBadBison on Thingiverse for the chess piece designs!
Check out his amazing work:

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Down hand drawn arrow by kiddo from the Noun Project


  1. I wasn’t sure what you were gonna do with that bottle and I still don’t know why you did it but I appreciated it.

  2. What was the purpose of the acetone with the chess pieces?

  3. Do you know where I can files Stl files for throne of kings chess set to 3d print

  4. I had no Idea that the acetone would smooth out the plastic pieces

  5. Chess boards are not meant to have shiny surfaces. Now, taking that roughed-up top layer off was truly amazing…then applying an oil would have been cool. The pieces, meh.

  6. I love the pieces I defiantly would buy that because of how well you restored it

  7. I don't much care for the chess pieces but the technique to manufacture them is brilliant especially the acetone treatment. Nice job.

  8. Nice video! If we use black and white for the piece it might look even better!

  9. Look at that chess set. Now thats a sheeesh moment

  10. … Aww OK the pink glove at the end of the coffee advert was very cute. :3

  11. But how the acetone didn't affect the fan's plastic itself?

  12. wow, dont see a lot of vapor smoothing, and that was a neat way of doing it. nicely done.

  13. I didn't even think about such chess can be made by printing. So fancy and amazing 🤔…

  14. Wow, chess, restoration, and 3D printing. I love it!

  15. The 3D chess pieces were amazing to watch being made, and they turned out just awesome.

  16. I mean, thats a perfectly usable chess board…

  17. Комментарий в поддержку канала и ролика, а также труда мастера и хорошей партии в махматы.

  18. Pretty sure I just watched 9 minutes of a magic show. That was stinky awesome. ✌️🇺🇸👍🏼

  19. That's wild with the acetone fumes in the sealed 'cage.'

  20. Wait, did homie just do the surface finish of those pieces via evaporation!? What!? Awesome!

  21. I didn't know that acetone trick, really nice !

  22. 7:05 i don’t blame you I would have done the same as the spiritual kid I am.

  23. I can smell the coffee over here. Yum 🤤 yum 😋 and boy when you have the right tools, Everything is a breeze 😊👏🏼😊👏🏼😊👏🏼😊👏🏼

  24. 8D The acetone vapor trick to smooth the print? AMAZING! I'll have to tell my brother about that one!

  25. Wow nice your 3D Printed Chess Set for the Chessboard Restoration project is awesome I want to do that too I wish 🙂

  26. I would have liked to see black and white pieces that would really compliment the board I think. Your freaking amazing tho

  27. How long do you need to leave the 3D prints on the encloseure with the acetone to be smoothen?

  28. How cool was this!!! Never seen that before and it was great. Have a great day

  29. Как любитель играть в шахматы скажу: классно получилось!)
    6:15 Вау!!!👍

  30. Beautiful board! Perfect production quality! Atrocious pieces! 🤮
    Still, great video!

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