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3D Printed Chess Set and Carrying Case

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In this video, I 3D print and assemble an awesome chess set with a roll-up board and carrying case.

Print your own on MyMiniFactory:

Items Used (affiliate links)
Overture PLA:
Weedo Tina2:

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Background music by Joakim Karud

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  1. I am using a crs-10 pro I failed to mention. Is there a video explaining this process?

  2. You need to rotate the board 90° when playing. Nice project though.

  3. Wow, impressive design
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. This is so awesome! Im gonna have to print this for sure

  5. Seems VERY costly to make though. Perhaps if the pieces were something unusual, like a theme…

  6. Very cool video!! The gold color actually looks great!

  7. Question, why does the handle need a separate rod going through it with a handle? Couldn't the handle just be attached to the lid? Because it looks like the lid is attached to the center platforms anyway.

    Also, Chess-ception idea. I wanna print out an entire chess set with this. There's already a rook carrying case. Now we need 3 more rooks, 4 bishops, 4 knights, 16 pawns, 2 queens, and 2 kings and a giant chessboard mat 😛

    And it all goes into a giant carrying case hahaha

  8. In what orientation did you print the tile pieces?

  9. Q.? Do you by any chance, sell this all set up?

  10. Trying to print it and its not coming out good. All the play square hinges are too loose and they just pop right out

  11. great video on a nice project. i plan to print this as a gift. how big are the base "black" parts? will it fit a Mk3s+ bed (210 x 210)? thanks.

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