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3D Modelling – Noob to Pro – Basic Steps

Grant Abbitt
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A series on how to become a pro at 3d modelling
The following links are from the people I mention in the video.

I talk about software, mindset, where to start and tutorial providers.

Later series will look at how to find work and other tips and tricks to help you succeed.

darrin lile –
Sardi pax –
Blender guru –
Cg geek –
Born cg –
Yansculpts –
Born cg –
Remington graphics –
Jayanam –

Learn the basics with this playlist:



Sketchfab :

Texture painting –
Texture painting with textures –
Sculpting quick start guide –
retopology guide –


  1. I'm under 13 and I want to learn to do something. I play Roblox a lot, and when making hats no longer requires star creator I'm going to create my own avatar accessories.
    I need to know how.

  2. You are My only teacher , i just Watch your videos , dont care about the others ! Love you man ♥️🏆

  3. Check Rocket 3F, new free polygonal modeller.

  4. Yeah, blender modelers are cool, but what about people who model in spore

  5. It really is tough learning Blender without anyone helping you. I tried following the donut tutorial, did pretty well but one wrong click and it's very easy to mess everything up. I'm gonna keep learning though, thank you for the inspiration!

  6. my school project bullied me to watch this video

  7. imphanzia is also the best for poly modelling

  8. This definitely helps! Another channel I recommend is Blender Secrets. Extremely short videos, showing singular quick or lesser known techniques rather than full, complex models.

  9. Grant i want ask i have my personal project cause im still learning then i have deadline too finish my personal. Let's say my deadline is 1 weak too finish it, but sometime when im working i feel tired. Then what's your opinion to learn as beginner?

  10. Thanks, now I am having 1500$ on every my models. ~6000$ in month

  11. Would I be able to make product design using blender? If so is it easier than drawing humans and scenes?

  12. i can certainly say that this video doesn't make u a pro, but it gives u a lot of useful tips and places to start with

  13. Grant thanks for the tips. I was still doing your low poly tutorials on Get better with blender, and I'm really enjoying… Thanks for the great work you do.

  14. I’m currently just doing 2d art but i wanna learn 3d modelling in the future, thanks for the tips^^

  15. watching again today as I need to finally start my first real modeling series.. 🙂 thank you grant for your great videos and teaching style.. so great

  16. The gap between your skill and mine is more than the gap of your teeth.

  17. Well i watch a video by Grant Abbitt a day! Works wonders!

  18. I have yet to own a 3d printer but I want to make models of the people from the game superhot. Tips appreciated

  19. I notice you are using Blender in your most recent videos. Do you feel it’s the best option nowadays?

  20. I’m a noob I came here to become P R O

  21. Thx, for the work you do in creating these videos. Somewhy I ran over your channel one of the first when I started to show interest in 3d modelling, and the way you explain seems very nice! Enjoying learning from you.

  22. Thank you, you are just a great teacher, i love the way you explain things!

  23. I don't blame people for doing this as it seems to be a industry thing altogether but it is infuriating to look at a tutorial that will skip ahead or fail to explain extremely important steps like overlapping objects or honestly where ANYTHING is in Blender. Even the basic videos seem to have an element of "as you know" going on.

  24. I just wanna be a game developer. But I don't understand what to learn ( coding, modelling, animation, VFX, or a sound engineer). 'cause I love them all and wanna learn them all. But what to start with for becoming a professional game developer for modern AAA games?

    Help me out.

  25. So, when I was going through a youtuber phase, I got Blender to edit my videos with. I didn’t like it, so I deleted. Somehow, my dumbass self deleted all of the code for Blender off of my computer. I went to go get Blender again because I decided that I would try my hand at 3D modeling, but it wouldn’t install because I messed it all up… I’m really pissed with my younger self right now. Thank you for the tutorial.

  26. Holy this is amazing. Also can u please make a nozel silva (black clover) 3d model

  27. Literally my dilemma i want to learn 3d art but don't know where to start or learn.

  28. maya is a 1,000 why tf anyone ever gunna buy that shit its not worth it for something you could get for a couple hundred

  29. This was helpful. I actually used maya for a few years during school but now my student license is up and so i’ll have to shift towards a program like blender

  30. Thanks a lot for your motivation, I was very frustrated right now. I don't have a teacher to guide me. I've started from a scratch. I'm just hoping the results will be good

  31. I used to use Blender eons ago (we're talking like 2.4 here), then I switched over to Maya for school some time after 2.5 came out. I have access to Maya and find it works just fine for all my modeling/rigging/animating purposes (currently working on a game project), however I've noticed everyone really praises the hell out of Blender from 2.8 onwards and it seems like the place to be nowadays. As someone who has worked in both packages, do you think there's any real reason to take the time out to (re)learn new Blender if I'm not noticing the limitations with my current tools? Like are there any cool features I just don't know I need that would make my life significantly easier if I took a few weeks to learn it?

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