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3d Modeling for Games: Online Course Syllabus

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An introduction to FuturePoly’s new online course! This video highlights the syllabus and explains the class format. Contact us at register@futurepoly.com for more information.

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  1. Is this the same as the 3D modeling class that we can take in person?  I live near Futurepoly and was thinking of taking classes there next year after I graduate from college.  Just curious because this sounds exactly like what I'm trying to learn for breaking into industry

  2. VERY NICE… This is probably one of the BEST and VERY WELL DONE courses of instruction. I've been doing this stuff for years thru a lot of pain, sweat and tears trying to learn on my own. I wish I had found FuturePoly long ago!!! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn outstanding methods and techniques for being a Game Dev or CG Artist.  AWESOME WORK!!!!

  3. Please, make a DVD for online sell! community needs you and you will be richer after that :d

  4. Wish I would have known about this before I dropped 120grand on the Art Institute! For real, its pretty upsetting…

  5. Are you sure that degree is not need if you want to work in this industry?

  6. Will this course (or a similar course) be offered next year? I'm a bit too busy to take it this year, but next year I would definitely want to.

  7. so these lessons are free on youtube? i see some listed already. what does the class offer that the videos don't?

  8. please upload the cryengine world somwhere to see better this amazing job!

  9. I'm interested in joining the summer course. Do I just send an e-mail to the registration on the course site for the summer class?

  10. These tutorials are awesome I definitely plan on taking your online course. If not this first term I will take it in May.  Great stuff!

  11. HI. My ask you something. What is fun as environment artist than character? I can't decide which one i want. I want to make worlds, just like the video. Second thing is, so i need to draw as environment artist ?

  12. Will the students be working toward a unique portfolio piece or will
    they be working to reproduce the showcase world done by instructor?

  13. i would love to do these tutorials but im a secondary (high) school student i cant afford it right now. would this course be available in a few years when i save up some money or will there be a new one or is it a limited time course. 

  14. By the way does this tut go through making a map a bit like celery land

  15. By the way does this tut go through making a map a bit like celery land

  16. this is exactly what i thought my game art degree was going to be like, instead its more of an introduction to zbrush. Engines arent even covered, so disappointed.

  17. Do you guys have any like financial aid or maybe a payment program cause I would love to do this buy Im a broke college kid and 1200 bucks is alot for this for me.

  18. I'm really interested in doing this, I can tell it would be something I'd enjoy doing, I love gaming and appreciate the artwork behind games every time I play, however I'm not good at art and not very creative minded,
    if I was asked to design a level I know my mind would be blank and I'd have trouble coming up with ideas.

     If I was working in game design would I be creating the levels from my own ideas or doing the artwork but someone else's idea? Do you think I should stay away from this career if I'm not creative minded?

     I'm 22 and live in Ireland so unfortunately I cant do your course but any help appreciated.

  19. cool shame is not free Id suggest you upload free material and offer personal coaching

  20. If you were hired by say… ubisoft. Would be be required to use a specific 3-d modeling program for their game, or use something that you feel comfortable with?

  21. You guys should check out the Quixel Suite, and perhaps use nDo instead of Crazybump, in my opinion it is so much better!

  22. So you're telling me, i'll get  this awesome bad-ass course presented by an tutor whos good at teaching, and with an price that wont need me to kill myself working for years or ask money to heaven and earth? sounds too good to be real, am i dreaming? some 1 punch me cus it looks like a dream haha…
    Teacher count me in for 2015 class!

  23. gaaaah as a senior of game art at another university, i can definitely say this singular curriculum seems much more thorough than my past four years! will keep an eye on the website for more sessions.

  24. Sounds great. However what percentage of knowledge taught through out the course would you say is immediately transferable to other game engines such as UE4 or Unity3D? I ask as I'm reluctant to invest to heavily in learning Cryengine due to its lack of support for VR, and smaller developer base. Thanks

  25. I wish i could be a 3D artist but i suck at art drawing T_T

  26. I would really like to learn how to make a game but that's not gonna be easy for me I'm just a 14 years old kid that speaks dutch my english is pretty good but not 100% so I might need some help :p

  27. looks better than going to uni and being told by outdated tutors to go online and read so and so tutorials….

  28. excellent video, only problem i have is over the summer of 2014 i created a game with a few friends. for money reasons it did not go all the way through, but we first used cry engine and found that it updates so frequently that every tutorial is out of date. so by the time you teach a student i would fear as the students knowledge would be out of date within 5 years or so. again excellent and as an 18 year old high school student i really am considering Futurepoly.

  29. What is the recommended experience level for this course?

  30. Are you going to post the videos? or sell it? 

  31. How hard would it be to create a MUCH smaller version of GTA V?

  32. Every multimedia student ought to have the portfolio concept drilled into their head at least once a month during their studies.

  33. In the syllabus you mentioned that you would teach how to export terrain from world machine as an entity to place in cryengine. Is this process covered anywhere in your youtube tutorials?

  34. That level looks awesome.Where can I download it ?

  35. Hello Futurepoly, I've been wanting to make 3D models for games (monsters, enviorments, weapons etc. with animations and textures) but as a 16 year old student i have NO idea where to start… Can you give some advise as to where to start? Basic of basics?

  36. Hello I'm a talent scout for mustard seed comics we are looking for people to join us for a independent project if you are interested plz give me a message back asap thank you very much for your time have a good day

  37. I would love to do this course. It be nice if it was updated to cryENGINE 5.

  38. yep, don't go to full sail. you welcome. but you can also learn a lot from tutorials except the problem of filtering down which ones are good and which ones don't teach anything. Also motivating yourself to learn it all really quickly instead of on and off. A really hardcore person can make a playlist with some obscure but really interesting tutorials that is not specifically only on youtube. You can definitely achieve all this by yourself but he's selling a product that gathers all that for you.

  39. what porgram we'll learn from blender, maya, 3dsmax anything else? because i have no money for it if it cost something to enter

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