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3 d Mario Games

3D Mario Games Everyone Should Play

There are more than 200 on-screen toys, featuring Mario. The mascot of Nintendo, it is the most recognizable character. We have prepared a list of excellent 3d Mario games. Check out these legendary platformers:

Super Mario 64, 1996

For iQue Player, Nintendo 64.

Yes, the title is old. But it is the first in a 3D line. The graphics show innovative depth perception and animation. Scout numerous castle areas. Collect stars, defeat bosses, race your enemies, and solve puzzles. And, of course, save the princess.

Super Mario Sunshine, 2002

For GameCube.

Welcome to the Isle of Delfino. The main character is framed by the villain Shadow Mario. Clean the island from litter and graffiti. And clear your name. A generic design and captivating plot simply hook and don’t let go.

Super Mario Galaxy, 2007

For Wii, Shield Tablet.

Bowser and his army of spaceships kidnap Princess Peach and vanish into outer space. More than 40 galaxies to explore, lots of enemies, and new gravity effects. All this is wrapped in fancy graphics and creative challenges.

Super Mario Galaxy 2. Leader among 3D Mario Games

For Wii.

2010 sequel with planet-sized villain Bowser and 40+ stages. Once again, save the princess. Find every star. And have fun on different planets. Switch between topsy-turvy 3D areas to old-school side-scrolling platforming. This fuse rocks and invites you to go on.

Super Mario 3D Land, 2011

For Nintendo 3DS.

A thrilling hybrid of 2D and 3D visuals offers a larger scope and incredible depth. Interactive puzzles, masterful use of lighting effects, new mechanics, and challenges. Plus a simple plot and demanding tasks.

Super Mario 3D World, 2013

For Nintendo Switch, Wii U.

An upgraded version with a strong visual design. Jump, run, collect stars, fight. And explore the vibrant environment. Turn into a cat to scale heights. And try your chances in multiplayer competitions.

Super Mario Odyssey, 2017

For Nintendo Switch.

A charming nonsensical storyline and new characters. Use a hat with a soul as your companion and aid. As usual, there is a lot of content. But the most captivating one is a real-like city with cars, skyscrapers, and humans. In short, it is a must for any player.

The  3d Mario games series keeps evolving and offers a steady stream of new and unexpected mechanics.

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