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3D Mario Games Compilation!

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Mario not 2D. uhoh! Funny 3D Mario!
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Game Grumps are:
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Danny ►



  1. Wait, they did 3D world?…did they finish that one?

  2. I've always wondered what Arin broke in that one Mario Sunshine episode. Anyone else feel?

  3. This…was extremely funny.

    I don't follow Game Grumps due to their frequent vulgarity mentioned in their videos, but I find them funny to watch now and again.

    My favorite parts include the Chain Chomp Shine Sprite fail, the Gelato Beach Il Piantissimo fail, the faulty Fire Flower drop in 3D World, Blue Toad stealing Green Stars from the Mystery Houses, and the infamous pachinko machine from Sunshine.

    Funny stuff!!

  4. Dan screaming as he helplessly falls into oblivion as toad is the funniest thing I have ever watched

  5. That parrot dubbed by Dan got me haha

  6. question when did the idea that Mario hates his brother Luigi start?

  7. epic gamer moments compilation #2.
    Lmao game grumps are the second best youtubers

  8. "He used to yell shit at me all the time and I'd be like 'WHATEVER!'" 25:00

  9. Resorting to compilation videos for that Youtube money…Grumps on the way down…

  10. 6:30 I still can't get over how the ONE time someone calls arin out for being wrong, is one of the very rare instances he's actually right. To me, at least, it sounded as arin meant, which was "the final version of the boxart".


  12. I love how it’s named 3D compilation but it opens with 2D mario

  13. 16:55 Arin, you can't have the amazingly awesome and beautiful Suzie and lockdown Paulette at the same time homie. It's not fair for some people who got nobody. I mean not me, hah! I got plenty of womans. All the time. Constantly.

  14. One thing. Don't like the Ramsey impersonations. I mean it's great seeing them giggle, but I just. They're so needlessly loud and not even saying funny things.

  15. 6:036:15
    I am Mexican. How's that offensive? I'd like to know. It actually sounds cool and fun. Man, nowadays people get offended by anything.

  16. I almost forgot Dan trolling Arin and all his deaths XD

  17. Super Mario 3D world was the funniest playthrough ever

  18. Dan screaming while flying off the stage as toad cracks my shit up everytime x3

  19. The first video already has me dying "who tf is that"

  20. Man. I really miss 3D World. I’d love a new game in that style for the Switch.

  21. Dan: Don’t make diddle kid a character please

    Also Dan: Hi, I’m diddle kid

  22. My greatest fear is one of the grumps dies

  23. 21:17 – That is the first time I got the Baron Brrr pun. Thanks Hamilton!

  24. Dan's biggest flaw is how he says subtext when he means caption.
    Like honestly, he's a 10/10 human being, but every time he does that he goes to a 9 for me.

  25. Every time I see a Gordon Ramsay show all I think of is “It’s Spongy spongy… beatboxing ROTTEENNNN”

  26. 17:26 Dan: Diddle Kid? Please don't make that a character

    Also Dan: Immediately makes Diddle Kid a character.

  27. Jesus, Arin is the most unfunny youtuber I've ever seen

  28. I just now got the "Stinky Dick" song out of my head. God dammit.

  29. 26:56 I like that Arin essentially becomes a youtube poop of Gordon Ramsay for a short while.

  30. The moment Arin said Diddle Kid, I had a Vietnam flashback…

  31. there is nothing that matches dan's "what." when he found out the hat's purpose in odyssey

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