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Progressive awareness! Learning to track targets and launch decisions from a good informed space is pretty important in all your gameplay.

Today we look at three different situations progressively getting tighter and tougher as we squeeze the best out of very fluid situations.


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  1. Well I’m happy now, just got finished watching your stream of the is4 line, and realized I was in your video, I was _Beastmode_95 in the good old waffle tractor pleasure tanking with ya.

  2. It's funny how interesting all these concepts are, I honestly do all of these things sub consciously

  3. dayum, i thought this is the 3D chest workout video LUL, gg bushka

  4. Bushka in t95, when i play against tier 10s i do little bit worse then with tier 8 and 9. Any tips

  5. Or u can be like me and start with the brit heavy line and be stubbornly optimistic, refusing to change line all the way to the conq and aft thousands of games in that totally unloved line, learn the game the hard way and feel any other tank is a breeze.

  6. …and good old me went German lights first! 😉 Solid video Bushka!

  7. Great games!
    How do you get ~120 ping? I live in Australia and I'm lucky if I get under 300 D:

  8. I did juryman lights first and British meds

  9. You mentioned my favorite movie, the hunt for red October!

  10. How do you manage a team that has 3 or 4 players that seem to think the object of the game is to die as fast as possible while inflicting the least amount of damage?

  11. In my opinion I think map awareness is probably the most important skill you need to be a good player. It’s all about knowing where and when to be somewhere with a certain tank. That means almost predicting where the enemy is and knowing at all times what your team is doing. (Ex One thing I noticed is that when ever there is a heavy on a flank usually the entire enemy team is behind him) Everything else :hull down, side scraping, flanking etc are just things to add to ur skill set but you still always need to know when and where you should be.

    I wish you did more videos about map awareness and reading the enemy teams and yours!

  12. Can you make another review/guide of tiger 2 please?

  13. When are our giant green monster heavies coming… you don't know? The Japanese heavy tanks? How have you not heard?! Play em like Genghis when they come out Bushka 🙂
    I'm saving free exp and credits for them bushy

  14. when the enemy team has 6 queens and a king, while on ur side you only have 5 pawns, yourself, and a broken king(afk)

  15. It's a good thing we don't have friendly fire. That green bean vk45B would've been very dead.

  16. When i started Wot Blitz i started with the British Heavy tank line. Is that a good Decision?

  17. I haven't played for about a year now and started again, but I am am not even close to how I played before. Do you have any tips to get back into the game?

  18. Lol. It only becomes 3D chess at least until 183 comes in. In which at that point, your not playing chess anymore, your playing COLD WAR COMMAND SIMULATOR 😀

  19. Bushka i've noticed that u are taking useless shots with no effect at all at times, why.

  20. This game and maybe a lot of Internet driven mm games like this, make finding a good players with a decent maturity level almost impossible. From my experience on NA server. Lots of name calling mainly.

  21. I still disagree about what people should get as a starter line. I think you need a light tank. It will help you learn the map, you will value spotting and you will learn the weak spots of tanks because of the lower pen. This is how I learned to play the game by getting the Luchs and was doing so much better. When I was new to the game, a player suggested I went down the IS-7 line and I got the KV-1S, played over 100 games in it and I had a 38% WR in it. I had no idea what I was doing. I was almost just as bad in the KV-1. When I saw the T-21, I got it (was still a complete Noob) got a 47% solid WR in it. Still bad, but it was much better than the heavy slow tanks I played before and it was gateway for me to improve, as well as watching your videos. I was so scared of fighting tanks up close when I started and was so slow and kept getting hit and killed and my mentality was "get a fast tank, you can run away from tanks trying to get close to you"

  22. Great video but I like to see more solo videos not just where you are always platooned up. Seems like your platoon rate is 99%

  23. You should be able to pick what class you play in. If you have 55 wr then you should be able to play with people who are 55 and below. You could choose anything up to 55 wr.

  24. I went german td first day i played, then russian med and heavy second, then german heavy.

  25. if anyone would like to platoon catch me at JOHNCENA489

  26. I can't believe you are comparing this game to chess. It's not even close

  27. I thought you where driving a tiger two during the first two minutes of the game

  28. I've read about starting with heavy line first. But the further I progress (tier IX at the moment), the less enjoyable I feel on my battles. I like to read the game, and reposition myself according to the latest situation. With Heavies, I feel stucked. Once I go one way, it's an all-in.

  29. Good explanation of some higher level concepts 🙂

  30. I do really enjoy these kind of videos bushka, I'd like to see some more of them….really helpful!

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