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3D Chess Set | C4D, Octane

Arthur Whitehead
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In this video I’ll show you how to create photorealistic 3D chess set in Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

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  1. will you please make environment modeling with octane render tutorial.

  2. Hello and thank you for this excellent tutorial, I have a question: what is the name of the script or plugin you use at 4:37 thank you very much

  3. Nice tut! I gues you might choose multiply instead of add to make wood on white rects 🙂 mb im wrong

  4. Great tutorial! Love it how you use all of the imperfections to make an even more realistic look 🙂

  5. great tutor, you are fast and technical, could do more tutorials complete, please

  6. Your tutorials are very good, but you do everything very fast, it is difficult to follow some steps

  7. This realy helpful, you deserve more sub and view, hope you give more videos like this! Thanks alot bro!

  8. cool tutorial,thank you for your time, learned a lot

  9. Brother nice tutorial. Too fast and furious, Please consider the beginners like me.

  10. "just google porn" *giggles damn great tuts man, thank you.

  11. Your tutorial is so attentive!
    Thank You! Keep Going!

  12. is there any tutorial without goddamn octane I got octane but It does even let me c4d open so i had to delete it

  13. if you want people to follow and take in what you are saying / doing, you need to slow down

  14. 10:30 Why set to float type? Is there a difference between normal type and float type?

  15. Да чихни ты уже,заебал

  16. finally I found my type of porn. I like it oooh yaa I like it uuuum

  17. A neat aspect of Cinema 4d is that you can use the scale and rotate tools on spline points which makes manipulating the handles on a point easier.

  18. Love it! but can you please tell me where can i get those kinds of pictures you are using. Those bumps, diffuse and etc. Thank you so much!

  19. 4:40 you coppy layer and merge. that merge tool. how can i use it?? i use R19. pls share me if plugin

  20. You Did it good but if you explain octane editor slower is better ,,, im not inglish language

  21. In R20 it gives me a different figure, any reason for this?

  22. Я думаю стоит подписаться.

  23. Can you tell me where I found these textures?

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