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3 d Chess Game

3D Chess Game: Your Personal Trainer

Are you fond of clever games? Welcome to 3D Chess Game, created by a Trillion Games Ltd. Smart and thought-out virtual entertainment, it offers multiple modes and setting options.

Challenge for Two

This activity requires 2 players to participate. As a result, the toy includes 3 modes:

  1. Human vs human.

It is designed to suit your and your opponent’s needs. Your turn to move? Change the perspective to view the other side of the board.

  1. Human vs AI.

Try your chances against artificial intelligence. Afraid it is too advanced? Adjust its difficulty level: from the first and easy to the 25th and challenging.

  1. AI vs AI.

In this mode, you are just a spectator. Set up the difficulty and observe their strategy and moves. Pause the match when you want and examine their decisions. A good practice for both beginners and professionals.

3D Chess Game: Virtual, but Feels Real

So, what else does the menu have? You can choose the colors of the pieces. From traditional black and white to exotic purple and red with metal effect. The board itself looks wooden and 3D. Which makes you forget sometimes that it is an on-screen match. Turn the board and zoom in or out to have a better look. In short, it has a convenient and user-friendly interface.

More Features

Switch on the timer to add some tension to the tournament. From 3 minutes to 6 hours, the limitation is sure to make the competition even spicier.

Haven’t played before? This powerful toolkit can teach you with a thorough tutorial. As well as by allowing you to analyze every match and move. Backed by statistics with your results, it is thought-through training software. And a guide into the world of logical thinking and strategy.

Ready to Start?

Cool animations, an unlimited number of tournaments, and a detailed performance report. 3D Chess Game perfectly covers the needs of naive players and experts. Polish your skills, learn clever combinations, and keep your mental skills sharp.

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