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3D Chess game with AI agent

Abdelrahman Elkammah
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Computer chess provides a good test-bed for understanding many AI techniques. Our work in this project is divided into three main parts. First part is implementing what we have learnt so far in the course, creating an AI agent, define environment and specify the rules of chess in our environment. We’ve implemented BFS, Random and Greedy search algorithms and we’ve proved that they aren’t the best techniques to solve chess problem.

The second part is getting a working open-source engine that performs a negamax alpha-beta search with iterative deepening and null move pruning, understanding the code, rules and environment.

The third part of the project is using an Opengl implementation of a 3D-chess board and make an AI opponent controlled using one of our previously mentioned AI agents implementations.

You can download Opengl chess board without AI from here:

To implement your AI agent this will give you a great help:


  1. I am so glad to have found this video ! Thanks for using our work 🙂

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