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3D Chess Game – OpenGL

Duarte Ledo
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3D Balanced Chess, one variation of traditional chess. Game made with OpenGL, GLSL, OpenAL and C++.


  1. Hey, i want to create Checkers Interface <with OpenGL and Qt. Can you help me?

  2. This was made for a College Computer Graphic project. It's not finish yet. Sorry i can't post all source code. If you want some code about some part tell me and i sent to you.

  3. hey can you gimme the part where u implemented the chess rules?:D

  4. Hi DuarteLedo!
    I'm really impressed by your 3D images. Now, I have to construct a 3D ChessBoard but I have some difficulties.
    I ready want to consult your source code. If you don't mind, please help me with your code.
    Thank you in advance.
    my email: phudhbk02@gmail.com

  5. wow i'ts really amazing, I would be really gratefull if you can share the source code, I'm starting with opengl programming. Or if you can help me with the code for the piece position my e-mail is u1201393@unimilitar.edu.co. Thank you.
    My english isn't good enough! 😛

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