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3D Chess: Full Tutorial

Wesley Wilson
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How to construct: My Prism is made with a wooden base and two wooden stilts. Five slits are cut in the stilts for the boards to tightly slide into. Squares must alternate. Black corners go on the top, middle, and bottom planes. White corners go on the 2nd and 4th planes. Boards are made from five Plexiglas sheets. You can also check out my own model of the prism on Shapeways: .


  1. Thank you, have been waiting for youtube to catch up with this game for quite a while. amazing it isn't more popular.

  2. Very interesting tutorial!! U made a great job!!!

    I will try to use a bit less "noisy" music, deeper explanations of piece movement and chess mate examples,,, Maybe there is material for a V2.0 ;0)


  3. Have to say great job with your board. It's nearly impossible to find a board. And sad that they are no longer commercially available because, raumschach is such a great game.

    If your really into 3d chess I would suggest picking up a strato set and rotating the middle board 90 degrees.

  4. Very good. I built a board, a little cheapo thing that I don't think is as sturdy as yours looks to be. I would beef up my board or build another, but I've nobody to play with. I might make and give one to my nephew if he shows interest.

    I can't remember who came up with this example, but it's the coolest way I've seen to remember the moves of the pieces:
    Think of each space as a cube, and
    Rooks move through the faces of the cubes,
    Bishops move through the edges, and
    Unicorns move through the corners.

  5. very nice very imformative. 4 more 3d chess lets plays pls sub 2 snrub

  6. For real 3d chess, the noble thing would be to have 4 or 5 chess planes but really you would need 8 planes a new set of rules and just 8 more pawns for squares a201,b201,c201,d201,e201,f201,g201,h201… where x=width=a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h/y=length=001-009/z=height=001-801… totaling 512 squares instead of 64, and yep taking 8 times as long to play out than normal chess (where the special rules for the top pawns can make the game go faster, like maybe the top pawns start on rows a801-h801 and can upgrade to pegasus lol)

  7. Where can one play online 3D chess like that

  8. Thank you so much for this vid also was not expecting thag voice when I saw the thumbnail haha

  9. Serefsizim aklima gelmisti translate this think come the my mind

  10. Very good Westley Wilson. Great job.
    Now if you don't mind, I have to uncross my eyes.

  11. No you need to sit down in front of the board and explain it that would be the easiest way for me to learn less confusion. I have the idea but somethings I’m not too sure of

  12. Why don’t you do a live class pretty neat questions and answers

  13. Video would have been a lot better without the music. Instantly turned me off. I'll learn from someone else

  14. are we not gonna talk about how this video started off with a mlp intro, has 17,000 views, 24 comments and 200 likes?

  15. I can't PROVE that you made up the unicorn, but I also refuse to look it up

  16. Now THIS is 3d chess, not the bs one from star trek.

  17. I always wanted to learn this variant. Thanks for the tutorial! Interesting to note, in the original Star Trek, Spock plays a unique variant, but there is an episode of The Next Generation where Riker is playing this variant, narrating his moves to his captor while he is held prisoner.

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