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3D Chess – “Chess – The Next Generation”

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Learn how to play 3D chess very quickly.
If you know how to play chess, then this is all you need.
Those who learn how to play, never want to go back to regular chess!
The measurements are also shown. Studies have shown that those who play chess improve the mind. How much more so in 3D, teaching the mind spacial, dimensional thinking.
Print the Visual set of rules (1 page):

or watch a 14 move game to checkmate:


  1. To build your own, all you need is some glass / plastic supported by some books or anything, 6 inches or 16 cm above your own regular chess board and start playing. After you play a few games, the game will take the same amount of time as a regular game of chess or the same number of moves. The advantage is, you will be sitting on the edge of you seat from the very first move to the end of the game! It's that exciting! — Keep me posted as to how it goes.

  2. @SDBPR Yes a real game has been recorded and animated (dimensionalized . com / game / rules4_3d_chess / Chess-TheNextGenerationGam3aLrg.php) on the right side of the animation is the chess notation of the 14 move game so that you can play it out for yourself. I normally spend about 3 minutes in explaining how the game is played out face to face with someone. They understand and we start playing. So I hope the above link will make it easier for you. Thank you for your comments.

  3. go to 3mchess.com and that will make this look interesting.

  4. thats interesting but complicated a little

  5. This is regular chess … Or not??? Just some pieces are on the top instead down the bottom … if i put 2 boards next to each other i could do the same … u just have to imagine where the other pieces are … I dont get real difference to usual chess (ok – little bit harder because of imagination – but if u can play blindfolded – is there any difference at all???)

  6. Oh yes! There is a difference! Your 1st move can be the King or Queen. Now you can get your pieces into place without moving a pawn, however I would not recommend ignoring the pawns as they have an important role in the game of chess. Instead of waiting about 10 moves into a game of chess before things get interesting, the game can get interesting much faster. — It might look intimidating or complicated, but when you start to play it is easier and you might not ever go back to regular chess.

  7. OK … I get it…
    So 2 black pieces can stand on the same square???
    (Otherwise it would just mean that every piece can "jump"… But if the King can also move 1st…)
    U should explain that in the video (or dir I miss that)???

    Looks like fun!!!

  8. So it's the same except you change levels at will as long as its in the pieces way of moving?

  9. Yes. It does that very thing in the Flash 14 move game mentioned above.

  10. Excellent idea. Maybe the future of chess in 25th century! And if you think about it, why just have 2 layers and not multiple layers. Might slowly resemble real life! :O

  11. what happens if a piece reaches the end of the board? are they stuck until the go up or down or do they continue to move forward on the next level, if so which side? for example, lets say black is on the highest level, or the second level and the player kept moving a pawn from e7 to e1. what would happen to the pawn? I play 3d chess on 3 levels so if black started on the highest level or the third level, then what would happen if it kept going forward?

  12. If a pawn makes it to the other side on any level it becomes like in regular flat board chess, a queen or the persons choice. Each piece can change board levels as seen in the demo – therefore both boards are one complete game. The rule is base on KIS(keep it simple). Visit Dimensionalized – it explains that the game has all the same rules as regular chess, just the dimensional moves are explained.

  13. So can the queen and bishop move diagonally dimensionally?

  14. The Queen is the combination of the rook and the bishop dimensionally.

  15. 2D chess you have the X-Y axis, in 3D you should have Z-axis equal in size as the X or Y-axis. For example a rook can move in the Z-axis the same way it would in the X-axis.

  16. I did another short video showing a 4 move checkmate can't be done but rather it takes 8 moves to accomplish it. It also shows how hard it is to do a video or webcam of an entire game of 3D Chess(Chess – The Next Generation). There is reflection from the top board and it is very difficult to see the squares on the top board. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/AClE03b0R6k

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