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3D Chat Online MMO Virtual Game – Movie Theater – www.3dchat.com

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Great place to bring a date, eat some great theater snacks, and watch a high-quality movie! Nothing gets better than this!


  1. The most disappointing thing about to see. Is no matter what you'd like to do and/or see in 3DChat. You are faced with a "Coming Soon" even the movie theater is this way. The clothing store and character options is highly limited. Yet it follows with a heavy monthly for such a limited online community. Until such time that most of the content is not faced with "Coming Soon". The monthly costs should only be like $2-$4 a month. Even the things that ARE there are still limited.

  2. A pianist who knows only one song. Dance clubs that know only one song. A video music club that loops the same I think 4 music videos over and over. A bartender in the pub who makes silly jokes over serving drinks. We have no rocks .. I think its prohibition. If you sit and then change clothes you are often faced with being stuck. This is most certainly more of a alpha testing than a beta. And even saying charging people $2-$4 is being kind. In alpha it should honestly be free.

  3. Only reason I stated $2-$4 is to understand the server and upkeep costs. Even the jaws of the female are so big, without making them appropriately smaller. No height adjustments. And maybe a bit silly but theres no pec or butt adjustments. Not to mention the butts on females look as shapely as a 50 year old womans. So currently I would probably rate this a half star out of 5 stars in its current state. If you are looking for a new community thats about all this offers. Unique is "soon to come"

  4. And no not just because of the look and lack of character development. Even the in world content is mostly "soon to come". If its there its lacking any depth or true capacity of diversification. The mmo like achievements are a interesting touch .. but in such limitation even they are cheap representations of a true achievement system. And no current creator like option for content. Which will find the community at a severe lacking as time progresses. Currently only a handful of clothes to use.

  5. It does have promise as a community venture but only if they do actually add substance. Substance is lacking currently. I will say however some elements remind me of imvu .. while others remind me of secondlife. And cant shake the feeling that the mapping system reminds me of grandtheft auto.

  6. @MrOtaku168 Not sure why his comment was flagged as spam. It is indeed a honest question. On how many are in the community. From my times in it. I have only at any time met a handful of users. So I would say the user base to be currently in the low hundreds.

  7. One last thing to note. And this is concerning the advertisement of a highly interactive world. Interactive to a degree .. yes. I have yet to see highly interactive in any location. Unless the highly interactive is a designation of the numerous sexual encounters one can use. Which if you ask me, on a virtual engagement level still need work. The finishes remind me of a third rate lover, that you can't wait to boot out the door. Some of the sexual sequences are off, if not a bit sloppy.

  8. For instance in some sexual encounters the males "member" is poking the woman's perineum .. which is hardly a "entry". In other situations it almost looks like the lovers are having a fit/spasm rather than sex. Is there even a real social aspect? Most times people are quiet. Some could argue they might be in private. However being off more times than not in random corners by yourself. May very well just be quiet rather than in private. They should try to promote the social aspect better.

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