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2D Mario vs. 3D Mario – Nintendo Podcast

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Which era of Mario games comes out on top?


  1. What are the kids playing on their 3DS's in the audience?

  2. Super mario bros deluxe was my first Mario. Galaxy is probably the best though, that game rocks.

  3. unless its a HUGH open world id rather have more 2D Mario games

  4. Im going to say 3D because they are all good and different. 2D Mario all feel like the same games now.

  5. Super mario bros 3 was my favorite but what's wrong with mario? He eats shrooms to get bigger and dried up leaves to become a flying raccoon… Not logic at all yet still really fun haha

  6. I think all Nintendo 64 games need a HD face lift.  Those wrinkles show.

  7. Super Mario World is the best Mario. Not that abomination 3d World. 

  8. 3d mario dominates, not that 2d is bad or anything even close to that, but games like mario 64, galaxy 1, 2, just were waaaayyy to good

  9. I love 3d land but i love new super Mario bros I think 2d is a little bit better

  10. Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo is by far the best Mario game

  11. Oh god, look at the dude in the front row with that Link football jersey. How the hell do I get one of those shits???

  12. I like both but I like 3D better I'm not saying that 2d sucks its just I like 3d better my favorite ones are all new super Mario bros games super Mario world 1 and 2 3d land and world 3d world is better in my opinion. I never have really played sunshine but I probably get a ROM soon.

  13. without GTA3 (the first 3D GTA) there wouldnt be openworld games like Saints Row or Mafia,and Mario 64 contributed to that.

  14. Big Mario fan, but why do these older gamers(like IGN workers) cling on to old NES/SNES Nintendo games? I understand they have nostalgia and what not, but get someone who's never played video games before, give them an old game eg. Zelda: Link to the Past and a newer game eg. Skyward Sword and they will enjoy the newer one more. Newer isn't always better and graphics aren't everything, but look at their best game lists on IGN.com. Kind of jokes. Newer consoles allow for better experiences, no avoiding that fact. And I'm sorry but at the end of the day we'd rather play Wii U or PS4 than SNES or N64. It's just the truth. Respond if you think this rant was ridiculous haha

  15. I love sunshine but some levels make me wanna kill myself.

  16. A new mario game will be announced tomorrow!?

  17. I always prefered the 3D games, I loved 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, 3D Land, and 3D World. I didn't really care for most of the 2D games (not that they're bad, they just weren't my cup of tea), I only liked NSMBU and the original New Super Mario Bros, I still haven't played Super Mario Bros 3, though.

  18. Everything is better in 3D. This is why Nintendo's recent 2D craze pisses me off

  19. No more Mario games…he should die already

  20. Mario 64 is easily my favorite of all time and they NEED to do another version like it. Free roam without a stupid timer rushing you through everything.

  21. Meanwhile I'm sitting here waiting for the 2D Zelda VS 3D Zelda debate.

  22. does the official IGN website have this whole podcast up….

  23. 2D games why? because you wouldn't have 3D without 2D.

  24. It'll always be a tough call for me. I honestly like the 2D and 3D games equally. I like Super Mario Bros. 2, 3 and World, but I also absolutely love Super Mario 3D World. And I like both kinds of 3D Mario too; the open-worldy 64/Sunshine style and the 3D Land/World style are both a lot of fun. It's honestly all good.

    But the thing is, they've sorta been pumping out too many samey 2D New Super Mario Bros games lately and while NSMBU is good it's hard to stay interested in playing it, so I hope the next one is more open-worldy like Super Mario 64. But even if we got a 3D World 2 or something, I'd be happy. 

  25. OMFG, everyone that says 3D mario is better is 10 years or younger, because they have never played it 2D.

  26. Galaxy 2 could perhaps be the utmost pinnacle point of 3D game and level design for any genre of all time!

  27. 3D most definitely, for one thing 64 was revolutionary but then the Galaxy games were outstanding! 😀

  28. When it comes down to it, 3D Mario games win. Super Mario 64 changed everything. And without that game there would be no 3D game to this day. 

  29. Nostalgia is the driving force behind 2d mario. I would play mario 2 before I play any game EXCEPT Mario Galaxy. 3d wins imo

  30. This debate seemed more like 2d mario vs mario 64 lol

  31.  I'll always prefer 3D Mario games over 2D Mario games anyday of the week. I feel that they put the most time & efforts into the 3D games than they do with the 2D games. I blame the NSMB franchise for making me feel that way. The NSMB games just feels so rushed & half-assed in my opinion. Whenever Nintendo announces a new 3D Mario game, I always ALWAYS look forward to them. But whenever Nintendo announces a new 2D Mario game, I'm sorry, but just don't give a sh*t to be honest…

  32. 2d mario. People, the nsmb games is irrelevant. they do not have any magic like the old 2ds and the 3ds.

  33. of course theyre all going to say 2d, theyre all like 30. they grew up with 2d.

  34. When I was a kid I loved the 2D games more, but I much prefer the 3D games nowadays. To be honest I am yet to be disappointed by a 3D mario game. All 3D mario's were excellent (except maybe 3D land which was great overall).

    I can't stand the New Super Mario Bros games though, while they may be technically good, they fail to innovate the series and have a poor and rather outdated approach to the classic mario formula. But I adore the old-school 2D mario games, especially SMB3 and World.

    Next 3D mario game should be a sunshine sequel/remake or something entirely new. Make a mario platformer about time travel or something (NOT LIKE MARIO'S TIME MACHINE, re-do the time machine concept in the way it should have been done)!

  35. If the "true" 3D Mario game is released on the Wii U I'd prefer it to be more like 64: no fludd, no spin attack, just Mario and his Triple Jump, Long Time and Back Somersault 

  36. 2D Mario is the best Mario was much better on NES AND SNES

  37. How has no one posted a comment in 3 years

  38. I love both, sometimes 3D is more fun(64, galaxy, 3D land), but sometimes 2d is really fun , to(New super Mario bro’s DS, Mario maker, New super Mario bro’s wii)

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