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2D and 3D Shapes for Kids – Guess the Shape Game

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Guessing the shapes is one of the interesting techniques that kids depend on when they want to learn new shapes since it will give them the chance to remember these shapes in so many different ways.

A square, a triangle, a circle and lots of other shapes are found out there and kids could learn more about them through this video. In addition to the drawings of these shapes which the kids could come across in general, there are lots of things found in the world around them having the same shape and these are the ones which this video is helping the kids with, such as letting the kids know that a ball is taking the shape of the circle or a sphere ().

At the early age, kids are supposed to know these different shapes and know how to differentiate between them because this will be important for them later in life. It is important that your kids know the difference between a circle and a square for example, you might think this is easy but it is actually something that kids should be trained on, they will never be able to do it all on their own without any previous practices.

There are shapes drawn on paper which the kids could depend on in their learning process, but there are also those shapes in the real world which kids could also learn more about the shapes through them and these make it easier for the kids to practice their knowledge while they are going down the street and coming across all these different shapes ().

2D and 3D shapes help the kids while they are learning the new shapes in making it all appear more exciting for them and that is exactly the reason why we have tried it in this video; you could help your kids by letting them watch the video and then later on ask them some questions about the shapes they have already watched, it will help them to try and use their memory in remembering these shapes ().

There are different ways that one could depend on in teaching the kids more about the shapes they deal with in their lives, they could combine it between learning the different shapes and at the same time learning the colors () and kids could also learn the shapes along with their properties through some creative ways to make it easier for them to remember, which is one important thing parents and teachers should always manage to keep in their minds ().

You could teach your kids while homeschooling them through lots of ideas and methods, all what you have to keep in mind is being creative to let the information they receive stick to their heads. Shapes could be taught through showing the kids videos like this one about the shapes, it could be showing them real shapes and let them say the names of the shapes and they could also learn the shapes through the ordinary drawn shapes on the board ().

There are lots of different shapes out in this world and kids could also learn them through the daily objects and tools which they might be using or which they come across in the streets, like the street signs or even the signs that the shops might be placing outside their doors. Parents should always pay attention to such details because these are the ones they could examine the knowledge of their kids through by asking them about the shapes of the things they are passing by ().

Once you teach your kids about the most famous shapes they might be coming across, you could ask and teach them about how to draw or make these shapes; either draw them on board or a piece of paper or else make these shapes out of play doh.

There is one important thing to pay attention to when teaching kids some shapes, always differentiate between the 2D and the 3D because the properties might be different ().

Enjoy watching the video along with your kids and let them guess the shape through some of the everyday life tools that are used.

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