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1 Hour of Super Mario 3D All-Stars Gameplay

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Check out an hour of gameplay from Super Mario 3D All-Stars, including Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy!

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  1. huh what does that mean and who knows roblox and has robux

  2. Oh, so we finally got the Rumble Pak version of Super Mario 64 in the rest of the World? Cool!

  3. piranha plant’s lullaby was in the original game…

  4. I know how the entire story of super Mario galaxy. I’ve been through it all

  5. even the original version of galaxy on the wii still holds up as a very good game today.

  6. U said u played this for a couple of weeks and it’s only been out for 6

  7. I’m going to get the game on friday wish me luck

  8. I Remember playing every game on its original console aaa good times

  9. My question is how does the new controls work is there no standing still and spraying water. because i want to know i used to play it for gamecube that was dependent on how hard you pressed the big r button. when the switch controller only has 1 kind of press down.

  10. The sunshine loading menu just spoil that the anti mario is bowser jr.

  11. Would this game work on Nintendo switch lite

  12. I been dying to buy this game just for nintendo 64 mario…can anyone tell me if it's worth it plz

  13. I´m not going to buy switch, not until yoshis wooly world comes back !

  14. I played Super Mario Galaxy first! It's my favorite Mario game!

  15. This game is also for Nintendo switch lite???

  16. The gameplay was great! I played this yesterday in my nintendo switch, but your gameplay is better!

  17. I’m going to start doing super Mario 3-D all star and more Mario videos

  18. I don’t like the super Mario sunshine it’s kind of little little bit boring

  19. Hello! I’m trying to make a video about 3D all stars but I need game play background so could I use your video as a background I’ll make sure to give you credit

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