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🛠 Making a Live Edge Chess Board from a Slab

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In this video I build an end grain chess board from ash and walnut slabs. I used the live edges to make a stand for the chess board to rest on. The live edge base also has a storage compartment to keep chess pieces in. I have a couple of chess pieces from the Jimmy Diresta chess set that he gave me a few years ago and they make a cameo in the video as well.

Thanks to:

Jimmy Diresta for the cool chess pieces:

James for the advice on this project:

Nathan for providing the slabs:

Find me online here:


  1. Cool build and video man…Thanks for sharing…;-p

  2. Awesome job Fred!!! Looks like a heritage piece!!

  3. You've done it again Fred. Really nice piece

  4. The chess board is drop dead gorgeous

  5. very, very nice freddie. really cool showing how to have mitered live edges come together, and great job on the glue ups! i know all about putting a belt sander to work to get something flat, probably the most abused tool in my shop!

  6. Man that looks beautiful!! Great take on a chese board. I already told you but I’m glad you went for that love edge base. It really pulled it all together! Catch you later buddy

  7. Really smooth glue up, I learned how to cut chess/checker board! Cool! Thanks…

  8. Feddie that is a great chessboard I love the live edge.

  9. very nice. I love the natural edge on the base and miters turned out well. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful looking chessboard 👍🇬🇧

  11. A really nice build. Love how the live edge really showed off the board!

  12. That was a very nice job Feddie. Keep up the good work and the great Sunday vlogs, "love them"

  13. Hey Feddy I sure like these type of videos much more. Like the live edge framing the chessboard.

  14. Great project. The live edge base really finishes it off. Without that it is an end grain chess board but with it, it becomes a piece of art. Thank's for sharing.

  15. What is the brand of the orange tube clamps you used in your glue up? Ive been looking for some.

  16. Great video and thanks for sharing. About how many hours did you put into this piece of art? Do you have an online shop of your pieces for sale?

  17. What is the final thickness of the base live edge pieces? Great Job – I need to make twof these!!!!!! thank you

  18. you were a real expert until 9:51. Thats stalemate lol. Great video in a seriousness though

  19. What a nice result! You managed to bring together a lot of different ideas in one great piece, you are quite clever. In fact I think you should now learn to play chess yourself, it's a hobby that can last you a lifetime. Your board may well last several lifetimes.

  20. This looks absolutely amazing! I want to try making a simple chess board for a christmas gift. I don't have what it takes for the live edge but the rest of the process seemed easy enough!

  21. Man I hope you got a better set for that gorgeous board!

  22. It looks amazing, beautiful masterpiece

  23. Who were the 7 idiots that gave this a thumbs down? Beautiful board…. and a great job in constructing it. I'm a chess player and woodworking is also 1 of my hobbies…. great job!

  24. I've made a few boards, but that's a really fantastic piece, thank you for sharing!!

  25. Quedó bien padre!!! Gracias por dejar ver su hermoso trabajo.

  26. So when you square up the board doesn't that mess it up by making the squares on the sides you cut smaller than the other squares on the board???

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