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🔴 Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

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It’s been 35 years since the first Super Mario Bros. game was released! Check out the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct for news on upcoming Super Mario games and products releasing before Spring 2021, with Abdallah’s Family-friendly reactions in HD 1080p 60 fps!

Reactions from Nintendo’s Official site:

00:00 Welcome & Thanks for Subscribing!
01:21 Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Trailer
01:47 Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
02:46 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury
04:55 Super Mario Bros. 35
05:56 Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
07:43 Extra Things
09:35 Super Mario: All Stars
10:11 Super Mario 3D: All Stars
13:26 History Of Super Mario Bros.
17:31 Analysing The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Trailer
39:49 Discussion With The Chat
53:21 Thanks For Sharing! 👍 If You Enjoyed It!

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  1. I love abdallahs expressions it puts a smile to my face

  2. OMG! I want that pin set badly! A pin for each Mario game! And I saw on Amazon that they're releasing an awesome Mario anniversary book in November. Totally asking for that for Christmas! Really excited to watch you play Galaxy! And I hope you replay Mario 64, because we all know that's my favorite of all-time!

  3. Why do we have to wait until next spring for the animal crossing mario items

  4. I love abdullah's face when he saw that the mario kart thing was just a toy 😂

  5. My opinions on the Mario games with the best music are, super Mario Galaxy and super Mario 3d world

  6. I love all the games coming and Abdallah’s reaction

  7. Man, Abdallah, you got a full plate 😅! Mario All Stars 2D, Cadence of Hyrule DLC, Mario All Stars 3D, Super Mario Bros Battle Royal, Pikmin 1, 2, and 3, Super Mario 3D World, Splatfest, plus Animal Crossing and MKT stuff 😂! I can’t wait to watch it all!!

  8. I was extremely curious to see Abdallah’s reaction to this after I saw it. Before it came out, everyone seemed unimpressed but I was very overwhelmed and excited for it. I’m considering getting the super Mario 3D all star games since it’s 3 games for $60. I almost got super Mario galaxy for the wii but thank goodness I waited since this is a better deal. I’m undecided on the 3D world but am leaning towards getting it eventually. Don’t want to spend $120 right away and at one time

  9. Off topic here but AbdallahSmash026 why did you go with Wii versions of pikmin I still cannot decide between GC and Wii need help!!!

  10. They really did ignore, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  11. Here’s an idea for a super Mario 3D allstars collection let’s play, play 10-20 minutes of each game in the collection per episode

  12. It is only physical and digital until the end of March. You can believe whatever you want, but that's a definite and Nintendo is going to do whatever the want to

  13. WAIT, you never download the free SNES switch online app????????????????? I mean it's got a lot of games that aren't even on the SNES classic.

  14. Literally I am so excited. My birthday is this month and already plan on getting the Mario 3D game. I loved Mario 64, and Mario Sunshine.

  15. I need that game and watch. I don't have aSwitch but the OG SMB is my favorite game ever. So all handheld that just plays that would be epic! Hope I can get one when the preorders go live. Too bad they don't have a way to notify ywhen that happens.


  17. I saw the notification in the morning and it literally woke me up. I was all like it has to be a dream

  18. Well bro I am born 1980 I still have all my nintendoes so so I'm on the Nintendo eShop ready to purchase Super Mario 3D All Stars are you going to do it bro cuz I will

  19. I remember when Mario first came out. I had to be like 7 or 8. The corner store had the arcade game and there was a line of people that went out the door waiting to play this game. I can remember seeing person after person getting taken out by Gumba.🤣

  20. what date is Zelda's 35th anniversary im excited to see the game that OGs has played

  21. Abdallah, you might be in love in this but..

    The Super Mario 3D World will be online. it didn't say it, ik, but i saw a video said: "super mario 35th anniversary direct didn't say everything" or something like that

  22. I bought the physical copy right away!

  23. Aqland mirror video gamer and collector says:

    It was a awesome direct. They purposely didn't show galaxy 2 at all. Not even at the very end. Maybe they will release galaxy 2 on switch later. Let's hope so.

  24. The faces that he makes in this vid is just hilarious

  25. Honestly I’m not even gonna pre order it. I mean it’s not like I won’t ever have a chance to get it in a 6 month period.

  26. on the 3d mario i play 2 of them super mario sun shine and super mario galaxy but i don't i have play the super mario 64

  27. Thank you for this video. Pre order game and watch (UK) for my son for Xmas. Also I loved the the older Mario's since I grew up on them (1985) but yes it makes me feel old.

  28. Can’t wait to revisit Mario Galaxy: Mario Galaxy is my child hood when I got few years after it came out I was just starting to play games and it is my first 3D Mario

  29. I've said other places (and for years), I'd like to see Super Mario All Stars 2 (physical release) with SMB 1-3 and Lost Levels, plus Super Mario Land 1-3 (interesting that 2 & 3 were not in the retrospective video at the end of the direct) and Super Mario World. And maybe the original DS New Super Mario Brothers.

    My guess is 3D All Stars is a limited release as a package, so they can sell the individual games solo later.

  30. I think the wild game super Moto the world plus thousand Siri it’s really cool you should see who wants to do you were on with you don’t you should get one through the world I will plus thousands theory

  31. Your facial reactions say it all 😂😂😂 I love it! 🖤🖤🖤

  32. It's weird Nintendo didn't talk about the 3D World amiibo or online multiplayer in the direct. To me the online multiplayer and extra content sold me on this game.

  33. Abdallah’s face when he saw the release date for 3D All Stars 😂

  34. I just found out that my mom post a video of me dancing when I was very young I did not know we had a YouTube channel

  35. I think it's stupid that you need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership with some of these games.

  36. I love this game
    But I’m angry that they forgot Galaxy 2

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